Best Cordless Drill Reviews of 2019 (Top 18v -20v Drivers)

Cordless Drill

This is the most commonly found power tool in any workshop, garage, or construction site. It’s one of the first power tools a woodworker should own. It has enough strength to drill and drive screws into thick planks of wood. It is the quintessential tool for those who enjoy projects around the home.

Impact Driver

The impact drill does all the same things the drill driver can do (with the exception of using it with a hole saw). The difference is an impact drill is much more powerful. It’s most utilized for when the job calls for more torque like when using lag screws.

Power Screwdrivers

This is a convenient little power tool for screwing and unscrewing screws of all sizes. It does not have enough power to drive a screw into a material that is not pre-drilled. It is simply a motorized screwdriver, used in the same applications as a manual screwdriver and is a pretty darn useful tool.

Rotary Hammer Drill

The tool is named for its dual action. The hammer driver hammers at the same time it drills. This is designed to drive a screw into extremely hard surfaces like concrete, pavement, and brick. Several hammer drills allow you to switch between hammer and chisel mode.

Impact wrench

An impact wrench is a socket wrench power tool designed to deliver high torque output with minimal exertion by the user, by storing energy in a rotating mass, then delivering it suddenly to the output shaft.