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Bosch RH328VC 36V, 1-1/8” Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill Review


The Bosch RH328VC Cordless Machine is a rotary hammer drill that is designed to make it easy for handymen who want power and mobility in a hammer drill. It’s convenient for a 36V power source. The voltage drives a four-pole motor which delivers up to 4100 blow per minutes. In addition, the mortar is designed to minimize vibrations as it comes with a vibration control feature.

Other things to watch out for in finding the best rotary hammer drill include user comfort, long-running batteries, speed variations, precision control, and anti-kickback. All these features are found in the three combined modes of Bosch RH328VC: hammer only, drill only, and rotary hammer. You have the freedom to choose the mode that suits your task.



  • There is a LED lamp that enables you to work in dark places
  • There are reduced vibrations, thus it’s comfortable to work with the power drill
  • The machine is safe to use due to anti-kickbacks and sensor limits
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • The price is slightly higher than comparable models

Top Questions about Bosch Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill

Q: Can I use the 3/8″-3/4″ drill bits on Bosch RH328VC?

A:  Yes, you can use the 3/8″-3/4″ drill bits since the rotary hammer drill is designed to accept up to 1-1/8″ drill bits.

Q: Can I use this rotary hammer drill on metal?

A: Bosch RH328VC can drill holes up to ½” on steel. Nonetheless, it’s most suitable for drilling wood and concrete.

Q: How long does the battery of Bosch RH328VC take to charge? How do I check if it’s fully charged?

A: Usually, the battery will take at least 30 minutes and you can confirm if it’s fully charged by checking the status light. When charging, the status light blinks green but when fully charged, the blinking stops.

My Take on Bosch RH328VC

This Bosch rotary hammer drill review looks at the three attributes that define the machine: power, precision, and speed. Basically, there is so much to admire about the rotary hammer drill. Just the fact that you can choose to use the power tool as a hammer, a drill or both means that it’s a must-buy for every handyman and DIY fan. This is a tool that you shouldn’t miss in your toolbox. Not forgetting that it can drill through wood, concrete, and to some degree, steel.

The Basics

Bosch RH328VC is delivered as a pack containing the rotary hammer drill and extras such as a charger and batteries. The battery is usually lithium-ion (36V), and the charger is specifically designed for this rotary hammer drill. The overall weight of the tool is 9.6lbs while its length is 13.5″. In terms of the chuck design, it’s keyless and gives you chuck sizes of 1-1/8″ in concrete drilling and 1-1/8″ in wood drilling. The machine comes with an inbuilt LED light which allows you to work when it’s dark. There is also the anti-kickback control feature that protects you from injuries and the varied-lock for extra precision.

The Detailed Features

  • Blow per Minutes (BPM) : The four-pole motor of Bosch RH328VC delivers 4100 BPM. Due to its variable-speed feature, you can attain accurate bits.
  • Electronic Precision Control (EPC): This allows you to make accurate drills at a high speed.
  • Torque Speed Adjustment: The tool comes with a variable-speed trigger that allows you to enjoy 0-940 Revolution per Minute (RPM) with no load.
  • Acceleration Sensor: The sensor limits the acceleration of the drill to some degree so that you can enjoy maximum protection against injuries.
  • Vibration Control: The machine has a counter-vibration feature that allows you to work comfortably. The effect is felt on the handle, and it is meant to increase the performance of the cordless hammer drill.


The basic maintenance practice for Bosch RH328VC is regular oiling of the moving parts. The other practices include cleaning of the machine after use and regular sharpening of the drill bits.


The carrying case for Bosch RH328VC contains the cordless power drill, two 4.0 Ah batteries, one depth gauge, one charger, and one 360-extra handle. The accessories to procure include hammer steel, bit sets, hammer bits, and drive kits; all from Bosch.

Who Can Use this Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill?

Bosch RH328VC is designed to be used by handymen who use hammers and drills. They include:

  • Masons: To drill holes in concrete walls, necessary for setting up anchors when building.
  • Electricians: To drill holes in concrete and lighter metal structures when passing electricity conduits during the wiring process.
  • Plumbers: To make holes for piping and drainage channels on wood and concrete structures.
  • Woodworkers: Woodworkers can use the power machine in drilling and hammering duties. With the tool, you can do without the hammer and the standard drill.
  • Other building contractors: The rotary hammer drill can be used as a drill for making holes on buildings and also as a hammer to drive in nails and other solids on firm surfaces.
  • Any DIY worker: As long as you want to drill holes or drive nails, you can use Bosch RH328VC to make your creative craft cheaply.

What I Didn’t Like about Bosch RH328VC

The question should be positive since there are so many good qualities that Bosch RH328VC possesses. However, on a negative note, there are two things that I didn’t like about the Cordless hammer drill. First, the machine only comes with a one-year warranty. I see this as unfair considering how much you pay for the tool. I would prefer if the warranty was three years. Secondly, I have an issue with the battery performance. For example, it’s unsatisfactory to be charging the battery after 4 hours of use. Besides, you have to wait for at least 30 minutes for it to charge. Maybe the only positive thing is that the batteries come two, and you can be charging one as you work with the other.

How Does this Rotary Hammer Drill Compare to Other Comparable Hammer Drills?

• Bosch vs. Milwaukee V28HX: The most notable difference between the two is their voltages. Bosch RH328VC is rated 36V while the Milwaukee V28HX is 24V. However, they both use lithium-ion batteries, and can drill through wood and concrete.

• Bosch vs. Dewalt DC233: The voltage for both brands is the same, 36V. Nevertheless, they differ in BPM and RPM. The Bosch drill has a BPM of 4100 and RPM of 0-940 while the Dewalt has BPM of 4400 and RPM of 1450.

• Bosch vs. Makita XPH102 18V: Both have a powerful four-pole motor of maximum torque speed. Their clear difference is in their weight. The Bosch weighs 9.6lbs while the Makita weighs 3.9lbs. Both can drill through wood and concrete but the Bosch enjoys a higher RPM and BPM.

What Do Users Say About this Drill?

Most users give a positive review. For example, a majority of users like the idea that you can use the power drill to make holes in concrete. The machine is powerful and very effective. The other thing that impresses most users is the ability to choose the mode that one wants. Considering that there are three ways to use Bosch RH328VC, either as a hammer, a drill or a rotary hammer, the use of the machine is versatile. Moreover, you can use it on steel. Perhaps the only concern for most users is the price and the warranty.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the powerful and safety features of Bosch RH328VC, there is no doubt that its one of the best rotary hammer drill machines there is on the market. It’s great for all handymen. Since you can use it as a drill and a hammer, I recommend it for masons, electricians, plumbers, builders, carpenters, and DIY enthusiasts.

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