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Hitachi 18v 3/8″ DN18DSLP4 Review


Using the best cordless right angle drill can be key to getting the job done in a professional manner. However, with a variety of products available in the market you may find it quite difficult to pick something that will serve your purpose perfectly. A look at Hitachi right angle drill review can be all it takes for you to appreciate why this product may be ideal.

The Hitachi 18 Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill DN18DSLP4 boasts a variety of exceptional features. Its slim design is such that it can be used to drill and drive into tight spaces through which ordinary drills would not work. It is equipped with a LED light which can be used to provide visibility in dark areas. Some of its most notable features include:



  • 3/8″ keyless chuck which can accommodate a variety of bits.
  • variable speed paddle switch than enhances comfort and precision during operation.
  • A side handle that makes it possible for users to have better control of whatever they are doing while assuring safety.
  • battery indicator is included to ensure that users can monitor status and decrease downtime.
  • It has a belt hook carefully installed to ensure that the tool remains safe throughout your operation.
  • A considerable number of people that have used this tool claim that it may take some time before you master the paddle switch. However, once you are acquainted with its use you will hardly ever experience further difficulties.

Top Hitachi Right Angle Drill Questions & Answers

Q: Are there torque settings on the drill?

A: A particular downside to this product is that it does not feature any torque settings. This means that users do not have the freedom to change their preferences from low to high torque. What the manufacturers of this product have included is a variable speed trigger. Nonetheless most users of this drill agree that it has an impressive torque that gets the job done as it is supposed to. This is quite interesting considering the fact that the drill is small in size and light in weight.

Q: Is this particular Hitachi drill reversible?

A: This product has won the hearts of many users because of its ability to work on a forward and backward mode. Indeed its forward and reverse settings are clearly shown to ensure that users are able to get exactly what they need.

Q: Can the drill dig a 2 inch hole?

A: The drill’s 3/8″ keyless chuck is designed to accommodate a variety of bits. This means that you can make holes of varying lengths depending on the hole saw or paddle bit that you pick.

A closer look at the cordless right angle drill

This Hitachi drill is available at a retail price of $99.99 which makes it one of the ,most affordable in the market today. This price may vary from one seller to another. However the variation should not depart so much from the amount mentioned. It is quite small in size making it one of the most portable. You can use it anywhere within the home and still be able to bring it along if you have to fix something at the office. It is worth noting that it weighs less than 3.3 pounds.

The product has a high quality LED light that allows you to work even in the darkest of places. You do not have to deal with the hustle of holding a torch on one hand while trying to drill a hole in a fragile or hard to reach area. This product can work seamlessly with all Hitachi’s 18V Li-Ion slide-type batteries meaning that you can make your battery purchase without having to worry about compatibility issues.

The product is is available with Hitachi’s lifetime Li-Ion tool warranty meaning that you can continue enjoying its benefits without having to worry about loss that may be caused by damage. If anything fails to work as promised you can always get in touch with your seller and get the product repaired or replaced. During operations this tool can go up to 1,800 RPM meaning you will not spend a lot of time or effort when drilling holes.

How to maintain this Hitachi cordless drill

To ensure this cordless drill remains in good shape you should always keep it in a dry place. Keep in mind that contact with water can lead to rusting which may ultimately cause damage. Immediately after using your drill you should clean it. This is because particles from drilled surfaces have a tendency of getting into the movable parts of the drill and may cause clogging. Use a clean dry cloth to dust of your drill and bristle brush to reach the mechanical parts of the drill.

When using this product it is advisable that you only pick sharp drill bits. This enhances safety because it eliminates any possibility of the bits getting stuck while the drill is operations. Sharp bits also make work easier and faster. This drill features a lot of movable parts which is why you should keep them oiled at all times. This prevents friction and makes the tool efficient to work with.

Accessories to consider buying

Rotary rasp – this piece of accessory can be ideal for users who wish to grind off extra wood. It can also be used to widen or shape holes that are made in plastic or wooden surfaces. While it is not really a finishing tool it can go a long way in ensuring you get finer results after operations.

Self-centering hinge bits – these types of bits allow you to make precise holes through surfaces. They ensure that screws will be fixed correctly in countersunk hardware. They are a remedy for individuals who have shaky hands or those who do not have enough experience in using drilling tools.

Who can use this right angle drill?

This drill is designed in such a way that just about anyone can use it. This means that you can use it to drill through cabinets or door frames when fixing hinges. You can use it to drill through plastic and wooden surfaces or any other type of surface as advised by your seller.

This is arguably one of the best drills in the market. Its affordable pricing coupled with functional features make it ideal for drilling holes of just about any type. The maintenance required to keep it in good condition is not too tasking which is another advantage of owning it.

How Does this Compare To other Drills?

Compared to drills such as the Milwaukee or Dewalt models this drill is relatively lighter in weight and slimmer in design. Its easy usability makes for a better option when compared to the other products mentioned.

Most of the people that have had the opportunity of using it rate it as one of the best. Keep in mind that these individuals have subjected this tool diverse uses but just about all admit to the fact that it delivers exceptional results. If you want a drill that is durable, functional and affordable you should certainly consider the Hitachi 18 Volt Cordless Lithium-Ion 3/8-Inch Right Angle Drill DN18DSLP4.

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