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Makita XWT041X 18V LXT ½” Wrench Review


The Makita XWT041X is a ½-inch cordless impact wrench offering excellent torque and a square drive fitting socket sets rated for impact. This model is torqued enough to facilitate a range of loosening and fastening tasks, making it a convenient and powerful alternative for AC and air-powered wrenches. The XWT041X is a part of the expanding Makita 18V lithium-ion cordless tool series. The batteries used in the machine are known for their fast charging times, which means the time spent on the charger is lesser compared to other machines. Let’s go through the features, pros and cons, and other aspects of this tool in this Makita cordless impact wrench review.



  • Built like a tank – high-quality plastics used
  • The shock-absorbent handle safeguards the battery housing
  • Ergonomic and compact design
  • A built-in LED light for illuminating the work area
  • Batteries recharge must faster compared to other similar tools
  • No case bundled in – there’s only a cardboard box
  • Could be a bit too heavy for some users

Top FAQs For Makita Impact Wrench

Q: How effective is the wrench with automobiles?

A: The half-inch drive of the Makita XWT041X can be used to repair automobiles, change tires, take off the roll bar, etc. It can be used on cars primarily; however, its heavy-duty nature or plenty of torque also makes it capable enough to handle trucks. You could use it on a range of other vehicles, but the tool’s size could make using it a bit difficult in tight spots.

Q: Can the torque be altered for lighter work?

A: No, the torque settings of the device cannot be altered. You would be using the maximum settings even when working on something light.

Q: Where is this product manufactured?

A: On the label, it says ‘Made in Japan’. But you can consider this as a synergistic work of the Chinese and Japanese. In other words, the Chinese made this wrench as per the guidelines and under the strict supervision of the Japanese.

Q: Would this wrench work with 3 and 4 mAh batteries?

A: Yes, the wrench would work with those batteries, and also 5 mAh batteries.

What’s Our Take

We believe the Makita XWT041X is an extremely versatile machine that packs more than a sufficient amount of punch. This cordless machine is ideal for I-beam and steel beam construction, utility pole, cell phone and telephone pole installation, mudsills, overhead door installation, conveyor systems, automotive work, fire sprinklers, HVAC, refineries and oil fields, tilt-up construction, anchors, and more. It’s a complete beast in certain regards and can break loose lugs that even certain $400 air impact wrenches may not be able to. The only drawbacks to this machine is the heft and lack of variable speed. Be wary of the speed when tightening as you may end up shearing things off. The weight, on the flip side, gives you a sense of handling a high-quality tool.


The Makita XWT041X is a high-torque, versatile impact wrench. It’s a brushed motor that works on an 18V battery. This power tool is cordless and comes with a bag, variable speed settings and LED light. It’s equipped with Star Protection communication technology that lets the battery and primary tool to exchange information real time and oversee conditions during usage to prevent over-discharging, overloading and overheating. This compact and ergonomically designed tool also has a big rocker switch that makes using the tool convenient. The battery charges completely in less than 30 minutes.


• Power to Kill

The XWT041X houses a high-torque motor built by Makita that delivers a maximum torque of 325 ft. lbs., 2100 impacts/minute, and 1600 RPM that assists with a variety of fastening jobs, including removal of lug nuts and transmission bolts. The torque along with proprietary anvil and hammer impact mechanism enable maximum driving and fastening power.

• Ergonomic Design

The XWT041X’s 10 and a half inch length and ergonomic shape makes for decreased operator fatigue. The big rocker switch helps with easier use, even when used with gloves, and the half inch square drive and detent pin assist with quick release.

• Optimum Charging

The bundled-in charger interacts with the built-in battery chip during the charging process for optimized battery life. The charger actively controls voltage, temperature and current. The charger also has a fan built in that helps cool the battery down for more efficient and faster charging.


There are no specific maintenance requirements. Make sure the wrench is safely stored when not used and also handled right during operation. Though the body is sturdy and built well, it’s still recommended to be careful and not drop the tool on a hard surface.


The Makita XWT041X works with genuine Makita chargers and batteries. It’s compatible with 18V Makita li-ion batteries that have the Star symbol.

Who Can Use this Impact Wrench?

The XWT041X is an impact wrench that would best suit the requirements of steel contractors, automotive line assemblymen, commercial contractors, residential contractors, automobile mechanics, HVAC contractors, and almost any other professional tradesman who is looking for a well-engineered impact wrench. If you’re a casual user, this impact wrench could be an overkill for you. But having more power in the bank would future-proof it in case you happen to graduate to more hardcore tasks later.

People who generally do a lot of repair and maintenance tasks at home by themselves would find this impact wrench handy. For instance, you want the anode rod taken out of your water heater that the breaker bar is not helping with, this impact wrench would do it for you. If you’re into DIY car maintenance, you would find good amount of use for this tool in your garage.

What You Didn’t Like About this Impact Wrench?

There is not a lot to dislike about this impact wrench, especially for the price you’re paying. The weight could be an issue for quite a few people, and also the tool’s overall footprint that may mitigate using it in limited spaces or tight corners. Other than that, there isn’t much to dislike. However, experiences and observations may vary across users.

How Does this Impact Wrench Compare to Other Comparable Impact Wrenches?

1. DeWalt

The DeWalt has a 72-tooth ratchet that allows 5-degree arc swing, enabling accessibility in tight spaces. The product also comes with a blow mold case that helps keep the tool safe. However, the DeWalt is a lot heavier at 33 pounds.

2. Milwaukee M18 FUEL

The Milwaukee M18 FUEL is a powerful cordless wrench that delivers up to 700 ft. pounds of torque. Its battery runs more on a single charge than the Makita and most other comparable wrench batteries.

3. Bosch

The Bosch is a two-tool kit with an impact driver that easily switches from ¼ inch bits to ½ inch sockets. It has a 1650-inch pounds torque rating and 3200 bpm (maximum). The drill has an EC brushless motor and a heavy-duty metal chuck.

What Do Users Say About this Impact Wrench?

The majority of people who have used this wrench are in awe of the power and performance of this machine. A lot of them, in fact, undermined the machine’s capabilities and ended up with power that is more than what they asked for. The heft and size is something that many people are unable to ignore though. A lot of professional mechanics are also using this tool but they are finding it difficult to get the tool into tight places.

My Final Thoughts:

The Makita XWT041X certainly has a lot going for itself and it will definitely address the requirements of its target audience. The tool is extremely powerful but don’t push it too much, for you may end up sabotaging it. If you’re not willing to spend several hundred dollars on a wrench and also don’t want to compromise on power, the Makita XWT041X will be your ideal choice. Long story short, the Makita XWT041X is arguably the best cordless impact wrench.

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