Makita XFD10R I8V Compact Drill Review

If you are looking for a compact size cordless drill that is fast and efficient, you should check out the Makita’s XFD10R I8V Compact Lithium-Ion ½” Driver-Drill. The impact driver delivers superior drilling performance and comes with a fast-charging and efficient battery. This means less charging time and longer usage. The tool is characterized by a 4-pole mortar, which delivers about 480 inch-pounds of Max Torque.

It’s much faster than a majority of the drilling models on the market. The design is ergonomic and light in weight. It also enjoys a superior balance. With this best Cordless Drill for Under 150, you don’t get fatigue when using it as the weight is manageable. It also features an inbuilt LED that helps you work in dark spaces conveniently.



  • 3-year warranty
  • Comfortable gripping
  • Light in weight and thus portable
  • Faster charging and better battery performance.
  • Slightly expensive.

Top Questions and Answers

1. Does the battery of the cordless drill drain when not in use?No. The battery is lithium, and thus has a longer shelf life. You can practically use the drill after it has sat for several months.

2. What does the kit comprise?

The package comes with 1 power drill, a charger, and 2 batteries.

3. What voltage does the drill use?

The drill works best with a power supply of 110V. This is the voltage that the charger is designed to work on.

4. How much does the drill weigh?

The machine weighs about 3lbs pounds.

My Take on the Makita Cordless Drill

The Basics of the Makita XFD10RБ

The package includes 2 lithium-ion batteries, a lithium-ion optimum charger, a tool case, and a cordless ½” driver-drill. The cordless drill measures 5.2″ X 16.6″ X 12.4″ and its weight is 10.49 pounds. This compact and light design makes the drill portable, and thus easy to carry around at the workplace. The drill is designed using Extreme Protection Technology (EPT) to resist water and dust, and thus great to use in harsh job sites. The superior battery power ensures that the downtime is reduced while the LED feature helps you to work in dark quarters.

Detailed Features  XFD10R

• RPM and Speed: The drill is designed for high-speed performance with two-speed transmissions to choose from: 0-600 RPM and 0-1900 RPM. This makes the compact driver great for a range of drilling applications.

• Torque: The Makita XFD 10R Cordless drill delivers 480 inches-pound of Max Torque thus great for heavy drilling.

• Adjustments: The adjustment features include speed control, LED adjustment, and Bit Adjustment. All these features allow flexibility of the drilling machine.

• Comfort: The handle is rubberized for soft and firm gripping so as to enjoy comfortable drilling.


The drill accessories include an 18v compact lithium-ion battery, 18v compact lithium-ion optimum charger, and casing. The battery and charger are Makita designed to give you the best performance. The package comes complete and ready to be used.


Considering that the drill employs Extreme Protection Technology to boost water and dust resistance, no much maintenance is required. You are expected to wipe the tool with a dry cloth after use and keep it in its case.

Who Can Use this Cordless Drill?

The Makita Cordless Drill is designed to be used by the following individuals:

• Homeowners who are looking to rebuild or build their house.

• Professional handymen who drill every day in their job sites. They can carry the drill as part of the tool collection.

• Any DIY fan who wants to use a drilling machine.

Basically, the drill is great for all drilling jobs, small-scale or large-scale. Provided that you follow the usage instructions and you maintain the drill, you can be able to get superior drilling results from the machine.

What Didn’t I Like about the Cordless Driver?

There are two major things that I didn’t like about the Makita cordless drill. One, the drill chuck looses grip after a while ( At least mine has after 3 years of abuse), I never had that problem with my old Dewalt xrp model. What’s more, the battery has to be lithium-ion with a star symbol. On a positive note, this is a great thing but realistically, the user is tied to the company. Secondly, the price is a little expensive. Spending about $150.00 on an cordless driver seems too expensive considering that there are cheaper options in the market. Nonetheless, the merits of the tool make it great. These concerns aside, the Makita driver is the best Cordless Drill for Under 150 with respect to speed, comfort, and battery design.

How Does this Driver Compare to Others?

1. Makita vs. Dewalt

When looking at the two, they share some features such as the use of lithium-ion batteries. However, the two use different voltage. The Makita Cordless Drill uses 18 volts while the Dewalt uses 20 volts. With respect to their dimensions, Makita measures 16.6 X 5.2 X 12.4 inches while the Dewalt measures 3.75 X 12.5 X 9.81 inches.

2. Makita vs. Milwaukee

The most obvious difference between the Makita and the Milwaukee Cordless Drill is their battery performance. The former allows easy charging and the battery last longer. The other difference is dust and water resistance. Makita uses EPT to keep off dust and water while Milwaukee is dependent on the user’s approach.

What Do Users Say about the Impacts Drivers?

There are a lot of great responses from the users of the drill. Most customers see this drill as the best for all handymen. This is with respect to their lightweight and comfortable design. The LED feature is also another attractive element of the impact driver that a number of customers like. The other thing that the users like about the drill is its easy-to-use features. Virtually, anyone can use the drill provided that they have an idea of how it’s done, and they charge the battery properly. So far, most Makita XFD10R 18V Cordless Drill reviews show positive feedbacks from the user community.
Final Thoughts
Based on this unbiased Makita XFD10R 18V Cordless Drill review, there is no doubt that this impact driver is an impressive handy tool. With the freedom to make speed adjustments, the tool is fast and effective. For any kind of drilling application, I recommend the Makita drill.