Bosch 25618-02 18V Lithium-Ion 1/4-Hex Cordless Impact Driver Review

Bosch is famous all over the world for their wide range of quality products such as security systems, household appliances, and power tools. Therefore, it came across as no surprise to see the solid build and powerful performance capabilities of its latest offering, the Bosch 25618-02, a powerful driver built for driving screws into place through any object. No doubt, this 18 volt cordless impact driver has a shorter run time it is extremely well built and is the must have tool for most jobs.

Suitable for both amateurs and professionals
Thanks to its ease of use, and the performance it provides, it does not come across as a surprise to note that it is the preferred choice for both do it yourself enthusiasts as well as professionals. As it is user friendly, it makes screw driving and other jobs simple for first time users. It is the ideal tool for operations such as serial screw driving, metal fastening, lag bolt driving etc. This model is slightly costlier than its previous version, the 25618-01 but is light in weight and boasts of a compact shape, allowing users to maneuver it comfortably, even in small places. It is no doubt a solid performer. My sole wish is that it had the same powerful batteries as the 25618-01 had, which lasts twice that of this new model.



  • Compact design that’s light in weight
  • High performance motor with metal gears
  • High RPM ratings 2800
  • Impact rate of 3200 BPM
  • Slim cell batteries don’t last as long as comparable models

Top Questions and answers

Q: Can I fit sockets on it?
A: Yes, you can. However, you need an adapter

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: The batteries last for several hours of usage.

Q: Is it heavy?
A: No, it is light in weight and you can use it for several hours with getting tired

My take on this cordless driver

I have good faith in all Bosch products, and this one too lived up to my expectations. I was slightly dismayed by the slim batteries Bosch has used in this model. Although they last long, they pale in comparison to the fat batteries supplied with the 25618-01. I was pleasantly surprised with the LED light included with the device, as this will help me a lot when working in dark areas. I wish that the company provided a comprehensive warranty with this tool instead of the one year limited warranty. I recommend buyers to purchase an extra set of batteries for uninterrupted work. They need not purchase a separate charger as the company has included a charger with this device.I tried a number of complex operations with this tool, and it completed all of them without complaining. The best part is that this tool is extremely user friendly, allowing those who have never used such tools before to learn how to operate the device within a short period. Even though this unit costs less than its previous version, it boasts of overall quality and build design Bosch is associated with. Add to this a high performance motor, and it is easy to understand why I rated it as the best device in its category and price range in my Bosch 18v impact driver review.

In depth features

This tool boasts of many outstanding features such as:
• Impact rate of 3200 BPM
• Quarter inch hex drive permits fast bit changes
• All metal gear
• Dynamic torque of 125 foot-pounds
• Maximum torque of 1500 inch-pounds
• Included light emitting diode for working in dimly lit areas
• Battery charger included
• Variable speed control
• At 3.3 pounds, it is light in weight
• Boasts of maximum speed of 2800 RMP
• Is quite compact (only 5.7 inches)
• Long lasting 18 Volt battery with EPS (electronic cell protection)

I was pleasantly surprised with the powerful 18 Volt battery, which allowed me to easily drive 150 3 x 1/4″ bolts in a single charge. I no longer need to worry about working in poorly lighted areas as the bright light emitting diode included with the tool illuminates the working area, if required. The user friendly feature of this tool makes it the ideal choice for individuals planning to purchase an impact driver for the first time. I was amazed by the ability of this tool to drive screws into place through most objects. The light weight and the high speed of this device ensures that I can use it for extended periods without feeling any fatigue. The all metal gears enhances the durability of this impact driver.


Maintaining this tool, which I regard as the best impact driver currently available, is quite simple if the user follows the instruction on the user guide shipped with the unit.

Battery life:

Battery life is quite impressive. I was able to drive nearly 150 3 x 1/4 inch bolts before I had to recharge the battery.

Who can use this impact driver?

Thanks to its light weight, compact design, and pocket friendly price, this tool is ideal for both novices as well as professionals.

What I did not like about this driver

It is difficult to find flaws with devices manufactured by Bosch, and it is the same with the 25618-02. If I have any complaints, it is about the slim batteries that do provide the same juice as those included with the 25618-01.

How does this driver compare to other drivers

I compared this device with Milwaukee m18 fuel and found the Bosch model to be far superior. The Milwaukee provides only:
• Speed of 2,000 RPM
• 1,200 inch-pounds max torque
• Weighs 3.5 pounds

What do users say about this device?

The positive comments of users, including those who purchased power tools for the first time, as well as the fact that a staggering 97% of them gave 5-star ratings to the Bosch 25618-02, speaks volumes about this driver.

Final thoughts
If you are searching for a powerful driver that is pocket friendly, light in weight, has a user friendly and compact design, the look no further than the Bosch 25618-02.