Dewalt DCF885C1 1/4 inch Impact Driver Review

The Dewalt 1/4 inch impact driver is the ideal buy for a first-time user because of its compact build, which gives it a lightweight body. An impact driver is a must-have tool for anyone who engages in DIY projects or Contractors. A cordless impact driver like the DCF885C1 20V Max is preferable for most people because it makes it easier to use in different places without having to worry about dragging around a long cable. Dewalt is one of the top brands to consider when picking an impact driver and this particular product delivers the power and efficiency it promises.



  • A lot of power per charge (1,400lbs of torque)
  • Compact to fit into tight areas
  • It weights only 2.8lbs
  • 3 LED lights to help light up the area you’re working in.
  • Some say the battery doesn’t last too long. However, this depends on what you’re using it for.

Top FAQ’s

Before a buyer decides to spend money on this impact driver, it helps to learn of concerns or clarifications that other customers may have. The more information that is available to a buyer, the faster the purchasing decision is.

Does the tool come with a bag?

Yes, the Dewalt DCF885C1 20 V Max impact driver includes a carrying bag that makes it easier to move the tool around, especially if one has to go with it to work. The kit can fit the drill, charger, and small accessories. A person can carry bits and small hand tools in the bag as well.

Are sparks around the rear of the driver normal during use?

Yes, the sparks are from the brushes and will occur now and then during operation, usually when the user pulls the trigger. However, if the impact driver release sparks the entire time then something is not right with the tool and an expert should look at it or the buyer can return it is the warranty is still valid.

Is This The Best Impact Driver For The Money?

Yes, for the quick answer.. Dewalt has a solid name when it comes to power tools and I can tell you from first hand experience, this tool is tough and is built to last. I’ve used this impact driver to zip 6″ lags into microlam beams with ease and attached lag bolts to rim joists with no issues what so ever. The driver is lightweight and feels great in my hands and I know you’ll love this dill without a doubt.

Basic Overview

For a user looking for a small-profile impact driver that has enough power for common home projects, this Dewalt tool is a worthy investment. It has a hex drive system, which means that the user can fit any fastener on it, including lug nuts, screws and bolts. This versatility makes it suitable for various tasks. Whether one is driving fasteners into steel, wood, or other materials, the DCF885C1 handles itself well. The charge is fitted with automatic shut off, which means that when the battery completes recharging, it will cut off the power supply, so the user does not have to worry about energy wastage. Changing the bits on this impact driver is not complicated, which is another benefit it offers first-time users. Dewalt has built the DCF885C1 with LED lights that come on 20 seconds after pulling the trigger. The enhanced visibility makes it possible to work with the impact driver in dark tight spaces.

Features and Specifications:

• Weighs 2.8 lbs
• 3 LEDs lights at the front for improved visibility
• 1.5 Ah Lithium-ion battery
• Hex drive type
• No-load speeds 0-3,200 IPM
• Drive size ½ in
• Voltage — 20V
• Maximum torque is 1,400 in/lbs
• Front to back length is 5.5 in
• No-load speeds 0-2,800 RPM


Storage is the most critical aspect of keeping the Dewalt impact driver in good working condition for longer. The user should avoid leaving the tool out in the open because exposure to the elements will accelerate wear. A first-time user should read the manual because incorrect use is one frequent cause of damage to an impact driver. One should know the right bits to fit and how to adjust torque if possible. After drilling, an impact driver can have metal fillings, and dirt stuck on its part, which is why proper cleaning is required to ensure that these contaminants do not corrode some of the parts.


Impact driver accessories also the user to expand the operational capabilities of the tool. The carry case is one of the best accessories for this tool because it improves portability. A user can buy a belt clip separately to make it easier to operate the impact driver during lengthy tasks.

Who can use this impact driver?

The biggest selling point of the Dewalt DCF885C1 is that anyone can use it. Its small size and manageable weight mean that both men and women can operate it without exerting too much effort. It can achieve a maximum torque of 1,400 inch-pound, which makes it unsuitable for a broad selection of DIY projects. Both amateurs and professionals will find great use for this ¼ inch impact driver. Whether it is driving bolts into concrete bricks, fastening the deck, or building a work shelf, this Dewalt impact driver is more than capable.

How does Dewalt DCF885C1 Compare to other Impact Drivers

The Makita XDTIII is one of the impact drivers that offer viable alternatives to the Dewalt DCF885C1. Speed is one of the advantages that the Makita has over the Dewalt impact driver because it delivers 2,900 RPM with 3,500 IMP compared to the 2,800 RPM with 3,200 impacts per minute of the DCF885C1. The 4-pole motor design that is proprietary to Makita impact driver is one reason for these better speeds, which are useful when a person has to drill a lot of bolts and screws. However, at 3.9 pounds, the Makita weighs more than the Dewalt, which may not seem like much of a difference but a user will start to feel the weight after a long day of drilling.

What Users are Saying

A majority of the people that have used this Dewalt impact driver love its compact build and portability. The upside of a cordless drill is being able to move around the workshop when working and this tool makes that very easy. A user can hold it in one hand effortlessly and complete a range of jobs because it only weighs 2.8 pounds with the battery. Even a user with small hands will not have trouble operating this tool.

One complaint from most users is the small charge time of the 1.5 Ah battery. Many people wish that it came with a larger battery. The short battery life makes this Dewalt impact drive unsuitable for most heavy-duty operations unless the user replaces it with an appropriate battery.

My Final thoughts

The Dewalt DCF885C1 20V max is a powerful tool that provides users with consistent performance. This impact driver is designed for home use, but it comes in handy for simple professional tasks as well. A first-time user will find this tool capable and durable, offering value for money. The 3-year warranty that accompanies Dewalt power tools contributes to the quality of the purchase. For an individual looking for a compact cordless impact driver that can sustain daily use, the Dewalt DCF885C1 is the right tool.