Porter-Cable PCCK647LB 20V Max Impact Driver Review

The Porter-Cable PCCK647LB is a potent brushless impact driver that offers 50 percent more runtime than its immediate predecessor. The motor is quite powerful, offering 1,400 in-pounds of torque for major fastening applications. And the 2,700 RPM offers speedy fastening too. There are quite a few other aspects about this tool that need a more detailed look. Keep reading as this impact driver review would help you decide if this is the best impact driver money can buy.



  • Compact, yet powerful and speedy
  • Solid wireless run time
  • Inserting and removing the bits is easy
  • Practical LED light
  • Light and handy
  • Single speed only
  • Not the strongest body
  • Power delivery could be better
  • The bundled-in charger isn’t that great


Q: Is there a variable speed option?

A: Yes, there is variable speed, but only in the trigger. There are no multiple gears.

Q: How noisy is the tool?

A: This Porter-Cable is as noisy as any comparable driver, and that’s quite normal.

Q: Does the brushless impact hold bits?

A: No, the impact doesn’t have magnets to hold bits.

What’s Our Take?

This lightweight and handy impact driver is quite a performer. It only provides single speed functionality, but that trigger-controlled speed level is quite snappy and most users would therefore not have much to complain in that regard. If you are using this tool for the first time, you’ll have to exercise some caution as you may end up driving the tool too fast. Once you get used to the trigger, things should be fine. And you would certainly appreciate how the tool transitions to impact driver from being a regular screwdriver when the task ahead is tough. The tool works both corded and cordless, but the latter could render the tool less speedy.


• Size and Design

The overall design of this tool is quite modern. And the size is almost right too. The quality shows through when you hold it in your hand. People who wear gloves would also find the size ideal. This ergonomic design and size makes handling the tool over longer time periods quite a pleasant experience.

• Brushless Motor

The brushless motor is quite powerful. The best aspect about the motor is that it lends to the longevity of the tool. Generally, carbon brushes found in electric motors burn out over a time period. Fortunately, that should not be the case here.

• Adaptable Torque

This driving tool has no clutch for adjusting torque load. But, quite surprisingly, the torque adjusts itself automatically. This means you need not worry about excessive power stripping out materials. In other words, the machine would stop applying torque when screws get in tight.

• LED Light

The built-in LED light actually works. It’s bright enough and also well-positioned. The work area, as a result, gets sufficient light at all times. Also, it activates and shuts itself off properly. Unlike other similar tools, the light turns on prior to the drill turning on and stops only after the drill is stopped. This makes the LED an extremely capable work light.


The maintenance requirements of the tool are similar to other impact drivers. You must clean the tool after every operation and make sure the battery is optimally charged at all times. Other than that, there aren’t other specific maintenance requirements.

Battery Life

The 20V battery setup is removable and lasts quite long. The batteries easily offer two times the run time of other comparable impact driver batteries. The battery system is so confidence-inspiring that you would definitely not miss your wired drills (if you are into them). Also, the two batteries should not take more than an hour to charge.

Who is This Impact Driver For?

This Porter-Cable PCCK647LB is a well-made and sturdy impact driver. It’s powerful, despite just being 5.8 inches long. The great balance between power and convenience makes this a great tool to be used inside the house. Amateur users would definitely feel at home with this tool. The more skilled or people who are looking for more power would also find this tool just right. But if given a choice and if budgets permit, they would definitely like to go for something more powerful and advanced.

What We Didn’t Like About This Model?

Don’t expect this tool to blow your socks off. You are certainly not going to use the tool for loosening a nut on your truck or even a small sedan. In other words, the power delivery could be better. If the tool offered a lot more power than what it actually does, it would have been a lot more versatile tool. But the good news for Porter-Cable here is people who would be buying this machine would not be expecting it to actually perform hardcore tasks.

How Does This Driver Compare to Other Drivers?

• Porter-Cable PCCK647LB vs. DeWalt DCF886M2 20V Impact Driver

The DeWalt 20v drill definitely looks different from the PCCK647LB. And its yellow-black color scheme only adds to the contrast between the two tools on the outside. Features such as the brushless motor, wireless functionality, weight and size are pretty identical. Perhaps the only other area the DeWalt differs is with its increased torque at 1500 in-lbs.

• Porter-Cable PCCK647LB vs. Makita CT200RW

The Makita impact driver has an 18V motor (not 20V) and also has dual-speed functionality. The torque delivery, performance, speed and other aspects are fairly comparable otherwise. The battery, however, charges from zero to 100 fairly quickly.

What Do Users Say About This Driver?

Most people who have used this impact driver like how powerful and compact the driver is. Quite a few have been particularly surprised by how light the tool is. The little heft has had made handling relatively easy for even the women in the house. On the downside, some users are a bit skeptical about the impact-resistance of this tool. In other words, they are not sure if the driver could take a beating or would be able to withstand a drop or two.

Final Thoughts

This drill may not necessarily come as one wholesome kit. Therefore, if you are buying an impact driver for the first time, it’s worth seeking assistance from people to know the individual tools that should be purchased to complete the setup. Once you get all the tools you need and start using it, you would find the tool quite efficient, powerful, ergonomic, comfortable, and well-designed.