Ryobi P237 Cordless 18V Impact Driver Review

The Ryobi P237 is a three-speed impact driver that boasts 1,800-inch lbs. of torque. The driver is quite powerful, yet handy. It’s also easy to control, thanks to the rear-located switch. The three-speed selector on the back, in fact, adds a bit of length to the tool. But that should not be a problem as it’s there for a purpose. In this Ryobi cordless 18V impact driver review, we’ll take a much more detailed look at the driver and find out whether it walks the talk.



  • More power and control than its immediate predecessor
  • Built fairly well
  • LED light is powerful and useful
  • Solid amount of torque
  • Power is a bit lacking in comparison to other impact driver brands.

Top FAQs

• How good is this impact driver?

The tool is great, with three speed/torque settings that helps from over-torquing and snapping screw heads off.

• How compact is the tool?

The P237 is fairly compact and you will notice this as Ryobi did a fine job with its design.

• Should I upgrade from the P236 to the P237?

If you like all things new, the three-speed setting will noticeably have more torque, sensible LED lighting, etc.

What’s Our Take

On face value and sheer performance alone, we are not massively impressed by the tool. But after considering the price and the audience that the tool targets, we must agree the tool fares exceedingly well. The tool is definitely not the most powerful around, but expecting the tool to deliver any more power than what it already does would be a bit unfair. If this was our first impact driver or we already owned a P236, we would definitely buy or upgrade to this.

In-depth Features

• Three-Speed Torque

The variable-speed torque adapts to your different fastening requirements. When set to high, it produces 1800-inch pounds of torque. This fairly unique mechanism helps drive large lag or long deck screws with relative ease.

• Design and Grip

The design is pleasing and makes the driver good to hold too. It’s compact, convenient and comfortable. If you envision yourself finishing a project from start to end at one stretch, you would love this tool. The GripZone overmold ensures a fairly solid grip.

• Minor, Yet Handy Features

The P237 has quite a few small traits that may not look significant on paper but would make their presence felt when you use this driver. For instance, the tri-LED lighting provides bright and well-focused illumination. The magtray at the bottom lets you store fasteners or bits. Also, the rubber overmold gets a minor upgrade, retaining the older design and model. There are also belt clip mounts for convenience.


The tool has no special maintenance requirements. Make sure you keep it clean post and pre-usage and charge the battery optimally at all times. Also, make sure you don’t overload the tool with extremely hardcore tasks as that could hamper its performance.

Battery Life

The standard battery should last an entire working day. The battery may not last you multiple projects on a single charge, but it would also not leave you stranded midway through a project. The major plus is that the tool can be used with other Ryobi driver batteries too.

Who Can Use This Impact Driver?

Anyone who needs to drive lag bolts or long screws on a consistent basic could use a driver like this. The torque and overall power available should work in most scenarios, but do not expect the tool to be your impact wrench or anything more than an impact driver.

What You Didn’t Like About This Model?

The noise can be a problem. Impact drivers are not silent when at work, and we know that. But the Ryobi P237 generates noise at a much higher level.  If your worried about the noise level, Ryobi offers quieter Impact driver called QuietStrike.

Durability is good overall, but it’s not bulletproof. In other words, if you happen to accidentally drop this tool on concrete floors, you could do some obvious damage to the tool’s exterior. Though the machine would probably work fine even after that, there’s no denying the exterior damage done.

How Does This Driver Compare to Other Drivers?

• Ryobi Impact Driver vs. Ridgid GEN5X

The RIDGID GEN5X is a completely different beast. Though both the GEN5X and P267 have three-speed, variable torque settings, the former is much more superior as far as power delivery goes. It offers 2,250-in lbs. of torque, weighs significantly more, has 2600 RPM (max), etc. And the aspect that gives away RIDGID’s superiority the most is its price. Long story short, the two tools are catering to two different sets of audiences.

What Do Users Say About This Driver?

The majority of people who have used this tool are happy about the price of this driver. The next thing that people are liking a lot is the ability to alter torque strength. This might not sound like a big deal to people who go linear with their driving tools. But those who have varying requirements would truly understand and appreciate this. The ability to connect the bits quickly and seamlessly, and the fairly decent battery life is also impressing users. Professional users, on the contrary, are finding the tool to be underwhelming and are more than content with their wired, more powerful tools.

Final Thoughts

If you are a professional with demand for torque and high impact ratings or similar requirements, you are definitely not buying the Ryobi P237. DIY homeowners, on the other hand, would find this tool right up their alley. It’s not just the adequate power or less hardcore demeanor of the tool, but also the reasonable pricing that should get a lot more DIY’ers on-board. See more cordless drill reviews.