Milwaukee 2763-22 M18 ½” Automotive Wrench Review

The new Milwaukee 2763-22 is an improvement over previous impact wrenches from the manufacturer. The cordless tool is the best impact wrench for automotive applications due to its superior performances. It is known to deliver maximum torque power, double runtime, and two fastening modes. The first mode gives up to 100 ft-lbs torque power while the second mode gives up to 700 ft-lbs.



  • It comes with extended warranty (3 years for the battery and 5 years for the tool)
  • More runtime (double the average impact wrench)
  • Long battery life
  • High IPM (up to 2300) and RPM (up to 700)
  • Not suitable for heavy fastening duties
  • The price is higher
  • Battery requires regular charging

Top Questions about Milwaukee Cordless Impact Wrench

Q: Can I use the highest torque value to remove bolts that are lower than 100 ft-lbs?

A: Of course, you can. You can use the second torque mode provided that you catch the bolt as it will spin off fast.

Q: Is this wrench great for both automotive and home DIYs?

A: Yes. The tool has two torque modes, and you can decide what value suits your application.

Q: What is the difference between Milwaukee 2763-22 and Milwaukee 2691-22?

A: Milwaukee 2763-22 is an impact driver while Milwaukee 2691-22 is a drill.

Q: How long does the battery last before you charge it?

A: It depends on your work. If you are using the impact wrench continuously, it will take you roughly four hours before you charge it.

My Take on Milwaukee

My general view on this Milwaukee cordless impact wrench review is that this tool is a must-have for automotive and other engineering duties. Instead of struggling with the average impact drivers, you can use this cordless wrench on heavy bolts and screws. The tool allows you to adjust the torque power to suit your fastening duties. Moreover, the machine comes with precision advantages, so it’s not easy to mess up when working on a car, a motorcycle, or any machine.

The Basics Overview of Milwaukee 2763-22

The Milwaukee 2763-22 wrench comes with a shipping weight of 15 pounds, excluding the extras, and its dimensions are 16.1 by 4.3 by 12.6 inches. It’s battery-powered at 18V. Other than the impact wrench, the carrying case comes with two sets of batteries, one charger, and accessories. The batteries for the impact wrench are red lithium. The driving power for the tool is a brushless motor that is powerful. There is a red-link intelligent feature that allows you to select any torque mode (100 ft-lbs or 700 ft-lbs). The runtime for the machine is double what you get from your average impact wrench. The other basic feature is the drive control. This prevents the tool from overload and overheating.

The Detailed Features of Milwaukee 2763-22

  •  IPM: The impact wrench allows you to adjust the Impacts per Minute speeds as your job demands. The no-load speed allowed is up to 2300 IPM.
  • Speed: The tool has a variable-speed trigger that allows you to adjust the Rotations per Minute (RPM) of the wrench as you want (up to 700 RPM).
  • Anvil Design: This allows you to change the power socket easily and fast.
  • Torque Adjustment: The impact wrench allows flexible changing of torque power. You can select any of the two modes; high torque (700RPM) or lower torque (100RPM).
  • LED light: This allows you to continue working when darkness sets in. The light is clear and safer for your eyes.


You are expected to clean Milwaukee 2763-22 after use and keep it in its place, away from moisture and dust. The moving parts should be oiled regularly, and the batteries should be charged as recommended by the manufacturer.


The carrying case for Milwaukee 2763-22 comes with a friction ring, multi-voltage charger, and extended battery pack. All this is aimed at helping you use the tool.

Who Can Use Milwaukee 2763-22?

This impact wrench is designed to be used by all skilled handymen. The tool is suitable for automotive, mechanical duties, home DIYs, and industrial applications. Generally, people who can use the tool include:

• Automotive mechanics: They can use the tool to fasten and loosen bolts and screws in their day-to-day mechanical duties.

• Industrial mechanics: They can use the power wrench to fasten bolts and screws on machines in industrial plants.

• Builders and masons: The two experts can use the impact wrench to set anchor bolts and screws when building.

• Owners of trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles: In case there is a screw or bolt that needs fixing, this is the best impact wrench for automotive machines and all types of bikes.

What I Didn’t Like about Milwaukee Impact Wrench

Apparently, the ergonometric design of Milwaukee 2763-22 makes the tool an attractive impact wrench. Nonetheless, the weight is a little heavy, more so if you are working for long. The other concern is its price roughly 400 bucks; it is slightly higher considering that you cannot do a lot of heavy screwing as the machine’s voltage input is lower (18V). Perhaps the other concern, though not a major one, is the battery performance and sustainability. You are expected to charge the battery routinely using the original charger and the power lasts for a few hours. The manufacturer has restricted you to use a particular battery model. It may be difficult to get a replacement locally when the battery spoils. On a brighter side though, it comes with two batteries, so you can charge them at intervals.

How Does Milwaukee 2763-22 Compare to Other Comparable Impact Wrenches?

• Milwaukee Vs Makita: The most notable difference between the Milwaukee 2763-22 and the Makita is their torque adjusting features. The former has two modes (minimum and maximum torques) that are missing in the latter. However, they both have higher RPM and IPM capabilities to help you effectively fasten screws and bolts.

• Milwaukee Vs Dewalt: Both wrenches are driven by high-torque brushless motors. Nevertheless, their voltages differ. The Dewalt wrench requires 20V while the Milwaukee 2763-22 requires 18V. The other difference is the size. The Milwaukee 2763-22 is slightly smaller (16.1 by 4.3 inches) that the Dewalt (17.1 by 5.9 inches).

• Milwaukee Vs Bosch: There is a lot of similarities between the Milwaukee 2763-22 and the Bosch. They are both effective in fastening bolts and screws in automotive and industrial functions. Perhaps their only difference is their IPM and RPM. The Milwaukee 2763-22 enjoys higher IPM and RPM performance.

What Do Users Say About Milwaukee 2763-22?

According to a recent Milwaukee cordless impact wrench review, customers are content with most features of the wrench. One major thing that a majority of users agree with is the effectiveness of the impact wrench in automotive and home DIY applications. The two-torque system allows the user to create both minimum and maximum torques depending on the nature of work done. The Milwaukee 2763-22 is also a powerful fastener/unfastener. The other thing that users appreciate in the Milwaukee 2763-22 is its wonderful battery life, high speed, easy-to-use, and easy-to-maintain qualities.

Final Thoughts

The Milwaukee 2763-22 comes in attractive and compact design. What’s more, it’s a high performer tool that suits all fastening and unfastening applications. I recommend the tool to any handyman in the automotive, industrial, and construction industries. The wrench will save you an incredible amount of energy and time when working with screws and bolts.