DEWALT 7.2 Volt Cordless Two Position Screwdriver Review

If you are interested in a screwdriver that offers a combination of power and quality at an extremely competitive price, look no further than the DEWALT DW920K. Thanks to its two position handle, you can use this screwdriver as both a pistol grip as well as an in-line.

Changing screwdriver bits is easy with this tool as it includes a quick release hex shank. Unlike other screwdrivers in its category and price range, this model tips the scales at seven pounds (with battery), allowing you to work with it for long periods without any strain.



  • Adjustable handle
  • 2 rechargeable batteries
  • Quick charging capability
  • Limited 3 years warranty
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • Small switch (used for reversing spin direction) is a headache for users with big fingers
  • No LED light

Top Dewalt Screwdriver Questions and answers

Q: Is it possible to use this for assembling computers?
A: No! However, you can use it to build server racks.

Q: Is it made in China?
A: This tool is made in China, batteries made in Japan, unit assembled in Thailand

Q: I noticed a flashing light inside this screwdriver
A: It is a normal power discharge spark by the motor

Q: Does the screwdriver have an adjustable built in clutch?
A: Yes, it does

Q: What does the kit contain?
A: The kit contains the tool, a carrying case, a reversible bit, two batteries, and a charger

My take on this Cordless Screwdriver

A 5-star rating on review sites is ample proof of the qualities of this device. I was extremely pleased with the batteries as they last for a long time before they require recharging. As the unit ships with two batteries, I can use the second one while the first is being recharged. I have used bigger drills before, but the DEWALT DW920K, is, in my opinion, the best cordless screwdriver available.The variable speed of this screwdriver allows me to complete jobs quickly and effectively. It employs a mechanism whose reversing trigger allows me to use the tool for drilling into different materials. This screwdriver has arguably the most comfortable and adjustable handle, ensuring a perfect grip. If this is not enough, this beauty boasts of an electric brake too.

In depth details of this right angle screwdriver

The 80 in-lb maximum torque output allows a superior power to weight ratio. The dual position handle permits one to operate this tool as both in line as well as at an angle for tight spaces and overhead work. Reversing trigger and variable speed switch provides speed from 0 to 500 rotations per minute for pre drilling and fastening into plastic, wood, and other light gauge material. The heavy duty metal hinge allows sustained and secure 2-position lock. The industry standard quick release hex-shank chuck allows the user to change bits quickly.

Some individuals have complained about the battery life. They should realize that they should fully discharge the battery then recharge it to 100% for maximum efficiency and enhanced life. The included charger, charges the battery in one hour. One should also purchase the screwdriving set that ships in a hard and durable case and contains 54 tips inclusive of 12 double ended bits.

Maintenance of this screwdriver is easy and simple. Just wipe it clean with a dry piece of lint free cloth. You should never attempt to open this device to fix it in case it malfunctions.

This tool ships with two nickel cadmium batteries, a charger, one bit and a tool box.

Who can use this Dewalt cordless screwdriver?

This device is for professionals as well as for DIY enthusiasts. One should not use it for assembling computers and other electronic equipment. However, one can use this screwdriver for drilling holes in server racks. The cordless feature of this tool makes it an ideal companion for professionals working in areas where no power outlets are available. However, they should purchase additional battery packs, as they will not be able to use the charger without a power supply.

This tool is ideal for electricians who often have to bore holes at awkward places. It is also suitable for carpenters, and appliance repair personnel. The reverse rotation of this device permits users to easily unscrew hard to remove screws. Used carefully, DIY enthusiasts can also use it for their projects. This is a handy tool for every household and a must for every professional.

What I did not like about this screwdriver

This is a tough query as I hardly have any negative points to say about this screwdriver. I wish that the manufacturers included a couple of extra bits as part of the main equipment in future. I have fat fingers and did not like the small switch required for reversing the spin direction. I also hope that the manufacturer incorporated a LED with this device, as I faced problems when affixing screws in dark and tough to negotiate corners. This screwdriver has a design fault as its chuck release pushes inwards towards the backside of the tool, and a spring then ejects the bit. This can pose a problem if the bit pops out when you are trying to push it on your loopbelt, especially when working on the ceiling, and the bit ejects and falls on to the ground.

How does this cordless screwdriver compare to other comparable screwdrivers?

1. DEWALT DW920K Vs Bosch PS10-2A
No doubt, the screwdriver by Bosch boasts of excellent speed control and offers a lot of power. Its articulating head locks into five different positions. However, the battery of this device does not last as long as that of its competitor. Bosch only offers a 2 years warranty whereas DEWALT offers three. Bosch also does not offer a 90 days money back guarantee and is quite expensive.

2. DEWALT  Vs Makita DF010DSE
The cost factor itself makes the DEWALT a clear winner as the Makita model costs nearly three times more. Makita only offers two speed choices: 200 and 650 rotations per minute whilst the DEWALT offers a variable speed switch allowing the user to set the speed from 0 to 500 rotations per minute.

3. DEWALT Vs Hitachi DB3DL2
This is a serious competitor for the DEWALT. It ranks higher on the price factor plus a 2 years warranty on their lithium ion battery. It costs only $70, has a LED, and weighs less than one pound. However, this tool is only ideal for small home jobs and for DIY enthusiasts. It simply cannot compete with the DEWALT for professional jobs.

What users say about this cordless screwdriver?

Judging by the words of praise in posts by users in cordless screwdriver review sites, the DEWALT DW920K is the tool of choice for professionals, which amateurs can use too. It is a heavy duty tool, and can take on the toughest jobs easily. This could have easily jumped to the top of the comparison chart had the manufacturers included a LED and increased the size of the rotation switch.

Final thoughts
I have been using this screwdriver for a long time and have faced no problems with it. I strongly suggest that you purchase the screwdriving set that consists of 54 tips including 12 double ended bits for approximately $12.