Hitachi 3.6 Volt Dual-Position Power Screwdriver Review

Hitachi is renowned all over the world for the quality of their electronic and electro-mechanical products. Therefore, it did not come across as a surprise when their DB3DL2 cordless screwdriver kit surpassed my expectations. Powered by a 1.5Ah battery, the tool easily completed all jobs I threw at it. The manufacturers have included two battery packs, ensuring that the user could keep on doing his job with one battery while charging the other. The dual position handle was one of the primary factors that led me to purchase this device. Let us dive in and see how this beauty performs.



  • 21 clutch settings and one drill setting
  • Ergonomic dual position handle
  • Lifetime warranty
  • LED light
  • Overload and over discharge protection circuit
  • Pocket friendly price
  • Inconvenient location of trigger switch
  • Difficult to change the torque to the drill position
  • Battery life too short (90 minutes)

Top Hitachi Cordless Screwdriver Questions and answers

Q: Can I use it to secure delicate components?
A: Yes, you can. Simply use the lowest settings.

Q: Can I switch the LED lamp on and off to conserve battery power?
A: The LED light consumes only 0.005 amperes, which is negligible.

Q: What is the country of origin?
A: The tool contains mostly Japanese parts but is assembled in China

Q: Can I control the speed of this tool?
A: This tool has two speeds 200rpm and 600rpm

What is my opinion of this cordless screwdriver?

This tool is extremely handy and is perfect for completing everyday projects in the shop and home. It is ideal for drilling holes as well as loosening or tightening fasteners in tight and odd places. DIY enthusiasts can use it for installing or removing switch plates and light fixtures, assembling furniture, working on hobby projects and much more. This tool is ideal for professionals too as it is ideal for applications such as copier and appliance maintenance, computer repair, and for tightening or loosening fasteners in difficult to reach places. This is unarguably the best and most powerful tool for general light screw driving. The included LED light provides ample illumination allowing users to use this tool for working in dark areas. This tool boasts of good balance and feel and has enough torque to do most jobs. Its light weight (1 lb) ensures that you can use it for prolonged periods without any stress.

In depth features
The dual position handle allows users of this tool to use it in the straight position, or tilt it by 90 degrees for special jobs. At 90 degrees, the handle provides you with pistol style grip. Although the average battery life is one and a half hours, the dual batteries included with the tool allow you to charge one battery while using the other, permitting you to work uninterruptedly. This screwdriver also boasts of 21 clutch settings and one drill setting. The highest setting (21) provides the device with enough power to strip almost any screw hole. This tool has torque settings of 0.3 – 2.9Nm (3 – 26in-lbs). The LED light illuminates dark spaces adequately. Unlike some other tools, this tool does not over tighten or breaks screws. The high and low speed button allows users to change the speed from 200 to 600 rotations per minute. The durable plastic case provided with the tool is perfect for storing the screwdriver, the charger, as well as both batteries.

Maintenance is no problem as long as you clean the device after use and store it in its carrying case when not in use.

This cordless screwdriver ships with accessories such as a carrying case, driver bit, a charger, and two batteries.

Who can use this Hitachi screwdriver?

This tool is ideal for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, computer repair specialists, electricians, appliance repair personnel, as well as professionals. Its light weight along with its powerful LED light ensures that one can use it for tasks that are beyond the reach of other similar devices. For example, you can use it to remove and fix screws in computers without disassembling it. It is the perfect tool when you need to lie beneath an object and there is hardly enough space between the floor and the working area. While this tool is not ideal for major driving or drilling, it is perfect for general light screw driving tasks. The torque is great even at the lowest setting and works fine up to the last few seconds of battery life, a feature that other similar devices cannot boast of.

What I did not like about this screwdriver

I really wish that the manufacturer included batteries that last longer. Although the battery lasts for 90 minutes and charging a fully discharged battery takes 30 minutes, I’d still prefer the battery to provide a minimum of three hours of usage. I was also frustrated by the location of the trigger switch. It is difficult to change the torque to the drill position. I hope that Hitachi addresses these problems in their future versions. I have faced problems with the battery too. Although Hitachi offers a two year warranty on the batteries, it takes time to send a faulty battery and receive a replacement. During this period I am left with one battery and have to wait 30 minutes to recharge it after every 90 minutes of usage.

How does this cordless screwdriver compare to other comparable drivers?

1. Hitachi Vs Bosch
The Bosch PS10-2A offers more in torque and RPM. However, it costs 75% more than Hitachi’s model. Both of them have 90 degree adjustable heads. While Bosch only offers one year of warranty for the tool, Hitachi provides a lifetime warranty. At 5.05 pounds, the Bosch is 5 times heavier, meaning that you cannot use it for extended periods without straining your hand.

2. Hitachi Vs Makita
It makes no sense comparing the Hitachi with the Makita DF010DSE as the latter costs three times more. While both of them weight more or less the same, the Hitachi model is more suitable for jobs in hard to reach places. In terms of warranty, Hitachi is miles ahead as it provides lifetime warranty, compared to the three year by Makita. The Makita ships with no accessories apart from a carrying case.

3. Hitachi Vs Dewalt
Be prepared for an unpleasant experience when contacting customer service, as Makita has a bad reputation in this department. Unlike the Hitachi model, the LED light on the Dewalt DCF610S2 turns on only after turning on the device. There have been complaints about failure of the auto chuck lock on the Dewalt. At 2.12 pounds, this cordless screwdriver is heavier than that of Hitachi. Unlike Hitachi, the Dewalt ships with just the bare tool, and is costlier too.

What do users say about this cordless screwdriver?

All users unanimously prefer the Hitachi model to others and consider it as the best cordless screwdriver for several reasons such as the extra battery, and the number of accessories that ship as a part of the overall bundle. Unlike other companies, the Lithium Ion battery of the Hitachi lasts three times longer than a comparable Niclel Cadmium one. The special circuit of the charger offer overloads and discharge protection for the batteries. The icing on the cake is the 21 clutch settings on the Hitachi cordless screwdriver.

Final thoughts
I have used several cordless screwdrivers, both light weight and heavy weight and can honestly say that the Hitachi DB3DL2 is the worldwide leader in the light weight section. It always appears in the top 10 list of cordless screwdriver reviews. This tool is perfect for the hobbyist as well for the professional. If you are looking for a low cost device that offers a lot of punch and includes several accessories with the tool, look no further than the Hitachi DB3DL2.