Tacklife SDH13DC Rechargeable Screwdriver Review

Have you ever faced problems with an unyielding screw, which would not go into the material you wanted in to or faced problems with extracting one? This can be extremely disappointing and a wastage of time too. Thankfully, you can depend on power screwdrivers to complete the task effortlessly. To raise the bar higher, cordless models such as the Tacklife SDH13DC, allow you to handle jobs that require inserting or extracting of screwdrivers, when there is no power source available. The functionality of this black and orange colored tool beats the competitors easily.



  • Includes 31 screwdriver bits
  • Convenient USB charging
  • Low price
  • Lights in front and rear
  • 2 year warranty
  • Excellent for small home projects
  • Not suitable for big jobs
  • Build quality not durable
  • Rear light not bright enough.

Top TackLife Cordless Screwdriver Questions and answers

Q: How long does the battery last?
A: The battery can screw up to 400 pieces when fully charged

Q: Can I easily screw a new hole with this tool?
A: It depends on the material. This is a small screwdriver rather than a drill.

Q: What is the input voltage of the charger?
A: This tool uses a USB port for charging, therefore you can use a suitable adapter depending on where you live.

Q: Will it accommodate different socket heads allowing me to screw in a hex bolt?
A: You can purchase an adapter, which will allow you to drive 1/4″ drive sockets

Q: Does this unit ship with bits?
A: This unit ships with 31 bits

My take on this cordless screwdriver

This is unarguably the best cordless screwdriver for “do it yourself” enthusiasts. You can also use it for small jobs. As this device is more of a screwdriver than a drill, I do not recommend it for heavy duty jobs. The one pound weight of this tool ensures that you can use it for prolonged periods without any fatigue. This unit has a maximum speed of 200 rotations per minute (without any load), maximum torque of 4Nm, and ships with 31 screwdriver bits, a flashlight, a USB charger, and a battery. It also contains two LED lights… one turns on when you power on the device, and the other at the bottom of the tool acts like a flashlight. It is the best cordless screwdriver for small jobs and is ideal for hobbyists. Professionals too can use it to tackle small jobs.

In depth features
The engine of this screwdriver provides a maximum torque of 4Nm and can reach up to 200 rotations per minute without any load. Its torque adjustment ring (1Nm to 4Nm) permits users to handle screws without stripping. You can tilt the handle to three different angles with the side button located on the handle, permitting you to complete jobs in hard to reach places easily. The LED flashlight located on the base of the unit allows you to illuminate dark corners, while the LED light on top of the device illuminates the work area. The included spindle lock gives greater control and allows you to use the device for manual screwdriving. The device ships with 31 driver bits, which are sufficient to handle most jobs. The ergonomic design of the handle allows for excellent grip. The best part is that this device is practically soundless.

This tiny yet versatile tool hardly requires any maintenance. Just clean it after the job to remove traces of dust. Remember to charge the battery after every two weeks or so if you do not plan to use the tool for a long time.

This cordless screwdriver ships with 31 bits, a 6 Volt Lithium Ion battery, a user manual, a USB charging cable, and a maintenance card.

Who can use this cordless screwdriver?

This gadget is designed to handle small jobs, making it the ideal tool for hobbyists and DIY enthusiasts. However, its extreme flexibility and small size provides a great boon to professionals who want a small and light weight tool to fix screws in hard to reach areas, as well as other small jobs. Think about lying under the bed to remove or affix some screws on its baseboard and you will understand what I mean. Do not be fooled by the minuscule size of this cordless screwdriver as it can easily screw 400 pieces when fully charged. The torque and speed of the motor of this device can effortlessly screw and unscrew most bolts if the bit matches the screw head pattern. This unit is best suitable for electricians, carpenters, and the odd job professional.

What I didn’t like too much?

As I have stated before, do not purchase this tool if you want it to do heavy duty jobs as the unit was not designed for such purposes. The power of this device is sufficient to open or fasten screws, but do not expect to drill holes with it, as the device simply does not have the power required for such jobs. I also found that the light at the top provides more illumination than the one located at the bottom of the handle. Unfortunately, this device does not contain any on board storage for bits. Another disadvantage is that the user cannot remove the battery from the device. This means halting work while charging the battery. You can get over this problem by attaching it to a power bank, but that hampers the flexibility of the tool.

How does this cordless screwdriver compare to other drills?

1. Tacklife Vs Bosch DDB181
It would be unfair to compare this device with cordless screwdrivers manufactured by Bosch, as they do not have any similar device. While the model by Tacklife costs approximately $34, the Bosch DDB181 will set you back by $89, and you only get the bare tool at that price.

2. Tacklife Vs Makita DF010DSE
You get what you pay for. No doubt, the Makita DF010DSE is more powerful in terms of torque and motor speed and ships with a three year warranty. However, it costs $255, which is way beyond the reach of hobbyists for whom Tacklife is a boon.

3. Tacklife Vs Dewalt DCD710S2
The Dewalt model, despite being the cheaper than the Makita or Bosch, is still costly compared to Tacklife’s SDH13DC. However, try sliding under the bed with the Dewalt to fix some screws and you will understand why Tacklife is the king.

What do users say?

I have yet to come across a negative comment about Tacklife SDH13DC apart from the odd comment about the low intensity of the rear LED lamps. Both hobbyists and professionals unanimously say that, given its low price, excellent performance, and the ability to reach places that other cordless screwdrivers cannot, the model by Tacklife offers the best value for money.

Final thoughts
If you are a hobbyist and are on the lookout for a cordless screwdriver or if you are a professional but want a device to remove and affix screws from hard to reach places, look no further than the Tacklife SDH13DC. It might look like a toy when compared with other heavy duty models, but performs the jobs it was designed for without complaining. I quote the post by an individual in a cordless screwdriver reviews site: “this tool is a great addition to any toolbox”. Need I say more?