Bosch 12-Volt Max PS10-2A Drill Review

When it comes to buying the ideal cordless drill for your home or business, only the best will do. However, the difficulty with that is there is a dime a dozen commercial and household drill manufacturers on the market today, all jostling for sole position in your heart.

My Story…

A few years ago I bought my first house. Everything was terrific. But if there was anything I used to dread in the first couple of months, it was forking out money for routine household repairs. So, adamant to save an extra penny, I made up my mind like a man prepared to die for his country. I threw caution to the wind and bought the Bosch 12-Volt Max Lithium-Ion Driver Kit PS10-2A.

I swear, this ultra compact drilling tool must be the best man at my wedding someday, it has completely transformed my life.

Calling A Spade A Spade: A Helpful List Of Pros & Cons

Like any other drill you’d purchase for long-term use, you priority should be to balance out the pros and the cons to see if the former outweigh the latter.



  • Long battery life + a huge energy saver. The technicians at Bosch stick to their household range of 12-volt Litheon lithium-ion batteries, which have a life cycle of up to 4 times longer than that of its closest competitors. In the long run, this amounts to significant energy savings if you’re running a furniture workshop, for example.
  • Accuracy of drilling. Courtesy of the inbuilt electronic clutch, you can adjust the drill speed to match the job at hand. The revolutionary design of the driver’s trigger adds more control and sensitivity to the touch, at the same time eliminating excessive torque when drilling soft base materials. With an additional cushion handle, the onset of fatigue is delayed, allowing you to work for longer periods of time.
  • 3 year protection warranty. 2 years for the batteries and 1 year for the drill unit.
  • Doesn’t have a magnetic impact connect chuck, and as a result, doesn’t always hold onto a bit properly. It tends to slip.
  • Torque is almost impossible to adjust.
  • Latch holding pin made from weak plastic

Top Bosch Right Angle Drill Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How is the trigger speed adjustment control?

A: Good question! There is nothing as irritating as a trigger control mechanisms that doesn’t correspond to the resultant revs. Previous models used to be plagued by technical defects that rendered their Bosch drill unpredictably dangerous. However, this model’s mechanism has been modified, making it safer and more user-friendly. Don’t panic, it just takes a little getting used to and you won’t experience this problem again in the future.

Q: Does it come with a charger, seeing that it works on batteries?

A: Of course, yes, and with an extra 2 batteries just in case.

Q: Can I replace the chuck with another from an earlier model?

A: The fact that the chuck isn’t magnetic has been a heartfelt concern amongst a lot of first time buyers who’ve never used the Bosch brand before. In response to demand from the public, a non-magnetic chuck seemed to be a useful feature for some. Hence, this model was designed for market convenience and to allow people the option of choosing between the two. So yes, it’s possible.

Q: Does it come with a light?

A: Yes. A tad awkward to think that anyone would need to drill in the dark. But it’s understandable if darkness is approaching and you’re just about to finish some work outdoors. A handy innovation for emergencies.

An Unbiased Take On The Bosch PS10-2A

The the long battery life between charges is worth a mention. To many, this isn’t worth writing home about. Nonetheless, you need to appreciate the fact that charging a battery too often damages it -and that amounts to higher energy expenses. So for a busy workshop, long battery life equally means that you won’t have to buy new batteries every month.

Learning A Few Basics About The Bosch PS10-2A

With an articulating head that safely locks into 5 different positions, the degree of versatility on display here is unique. Ideal for those ‘hard to reach’ spaces, this drill is multi-purpose.

An In-depth Analysis Of Composite Features

  • Speed :12,000 OPM.
  • Torque: 80 in. /lbs.
  • Battery capacity: 12-volts.
  • Charger: Full charge time of 30 minutes.


Periodical oiling is necessary to ensure that parts move smoothly and without the sort of damaging friction that reduces its effectiveness. You may also need to unhinge/unscrew the drill and run it through a blower to get rid of bits of wood that may reduce torque and speed.


Accompanying accessories include 2 extra batteries, a charger and a carrier bag for storage. There are two 1.5-inch drive bits for added convenience.

Who Can Use This Cordless Right Angle Drill?

To be deadpan “no holds barred” honest, this isn’t the kind of power tool a skilled professional would buy for their furniture workshop. This is largely because of it not being built for extensive use on a daily basis. As mentioned earlier, the torque isn’t all that impressive, the trigger rev adjustment speed control takes a little getting used to, and it’s also not particularly heavy duty. Being battery powered is a bit of a disadvantage because its power output depends on whether the batteries are fully charged. However, for home use it’s more than just a handy tool, but a convenient one at that.

What’s There To Hate

The only drawback -an aspect I strongly feel the developers could have worked on a little more- is that the torque is rather disappointingly low. For the price, that puts a terrible damp on such a well-designed tool. On top of this, the chuck seems to slip out of position too often because it’s not magnetic. However, the fact that it’s replaceable is a huge relief.

A Case Of Sharp Contrasts

When compared to other drill models such as Milwaukee, Dewalt and Makita, there are a few differences that -though subtle and not really worth mentioning- make the slightest difference when you consider what task you have at hand.

vs Milwaukee. Milwaukee has more torque, giving it a major upper-hand when it comes to industrial or commercial use.

vs Dewalt. The Dewalt range is similarly built for heavy duty work owing to it’s larger battery capacity.

vs Makita. Not much of a difference. Handling may be smooth but torque is sometimes a problem with earlier models.

What Do Other Users Say About This Right Angle Drill

As is always the case with Bosch, this is a wonderfully made power tool. Not to sound biased, but there are very few manufacturers with the capability and ingenuity to be remain relevant in a constantly changing world. And I don’t speak for myself when I say that. Undecided on what to buy for my 70 year old uncle’s birthday, I finally reached the conclusion that I would get him a replica of my personal Bosch PS10-2A. To cut to the chase, he kept mentioning ‘cordless’ as if if he was a 1 year old again and still learning how to pronounce words. Like myself -born in an era of the telephone- he found this feature amazing.

Over and above, this may not be the best cordless right angle drill but it’s a decent power tool. Whilst it may not be ideal for commercial use, it certainly does the trick when it comes to home use. I give *** stars ????

It is hoped that this Bosch right angle drill review is helpful.