DEWALT 20-Volt MAX Compact 90 Drill Review

A right angle drill is somewhat of a specialty tool. It is not a tool that you have to have, but if you do work in small spaces it is quite useful. The right angle drill has a 90 degree angle, right after the chuck, that is the grip. It is specifically designed to allow drilling in a tight work space. It is a favorite among plumbers and electricians. The best cordless right angle drill depends on your volume of usage and desired features. However, the best way to determine this is by understanding the features listed in this Dewalt cordless right angle drill review.

This is a compact and cordless right angle drill kit. It has dual speeds to maximize the number of applications and improve usability. It has a multi-grip trigger, making it easy to use in the smallest of spaces. Extremely compact, the drill measures in at four inches from front to back. The deep chuck pocket allows you to use a longer bit and still fit in a cramped workspace.



  • Drill is very compact and lightweight even with the battery.
  • Powerful drill that can easily drill 2 to 3 inch holes through 2x4s and thicker materials.
  • The battery quickly charges taking only 15 minutes to reach a full charge.
  • Deep pocket on chuck allows you to put in a bit a quarter of a inch deeper than typical chucks.
  • There is no charge level indicator on the battery itself.
  • The chuck loosens because of the instant stop feature.
  • When the drill is used at the higher speeds it begins to wobble.
  • The battery drains quickly when you use the drill with hole-saws through dense wood species.

Top FAQs For Dewalt Cordless Right Angle Drill

Q: Is it possible to use higher amp 20V Dewalt batteries with the drill?
A: Yes. It is possible to use three, four, or five amp 20V Dewalt batteries with the tool.

Q: Is the Dewalt right angle drill powerful enough to drill through ceramic tile?
A: Yes the drill has plenty of power to drill through ceramic if you use the appropriate drill bit.

Q: What is the maximum size that the chuck opens up?
A: The chuck will open wide enough to accommodate a 3/8 inch drill bit.

Q: Does the right angle compact drill have a reverse drive or setting?
A: Yes. It has the reverse setting to allow you to back out a screw or to use with left hand bits.

Q: Is it possible to use a hole saw bit with this right angle drill?
A: It works very well with a hole saw bit.

My Overall Impression

This is another Dewalt tool that is built to perform. It is very compact and the lithium-ion battery makes it just as lightweight as it is compact. The battery charges quickly and the drill has good power and torque. There are some nice features that increase usability like the built in LED lights and the multi-grip trigger. Any complaints about the drill are mostly insignificant and do not have much effect on the usability of the drill.

Basic Features

  • Dual speed compact cordless right angle drill
  • Compact dimensions, the front to back measurement is 4 inches.
  • The drill weights 3.9 pounds with the Lithium-Ion battery installed.
    Multi-grip trigger allows it to be used in extremely tight work spaces.
  • Deep hex bit pocket that can accommodate a bit that is 2 inches in length without compromising the compact design.

In Depth Features

The RPMs of dual speed are 0-650 and 0-2000 RPMs
There is a 3 year limited warranty.
Drill comes with one year of free service.
Drill has a 90 day money back guarantee.
The compact cordless right angle drill kit comes with one lithium-ion batter, charger, drill, carrying case, and belt hook.
Drill has a ratcheting chuck for a secure bit.
Features LED at the head of the drill that illuminate the workspace.


Clean your drill and housing at least once a week. Blow out any loose debris or dust from chuck and all venting. If it is necessary to clean the drill further use a damp cloth and mild soap. Solvents and harsh chemicals can damage the drill or the housing. Do not allow any liquid to enter the vents. It is possible to clean the outside of the charger with a soft cloth only. Do not use any water or cleaners to clean the charger. If any service is required it is important to contact an authorized dealer. Neither the battery or the charger are serviceable.


The Dewalt line of products have several accessories from batteries to bits to hole saws. Many of the accessories are interchangeable with the entire line of Dewalt power tools. The kit for this right angle drill contains all the accessories that are immediately needed to run the drill for the majority of projects. All the accessories not included in the kit are sold separately.

Who Can Use This Cordless Compact Right Angle Drill

This drill is well suited to both the hobbyists and contractor. If you are doing a large volume or work, or are working with heavy duty materials, it is suggested that you upgrade your battery to one with more amps. If you are a hobbyist or use the drill for light duty jobs, the kit has everything you need. Anyone can use the drill whether or not they have experience with right angle drills. It is equally suited for the novice or experienced hand.

What We Did Not Like

The biggest complaint with this drill is the 2 amp battery that comes in the kit. It lacks the life needed for high usage or to get through really hard materials. If they were going to supply the kit with a low amp battery there should have been more than one battery in the kit. Luckily the battery charges in about 15 minutes so if you always have an extra battery on the charger you can get through the job. Another thing that was less than desirable was the touchy trigger. It is near impossible to run the drill at really slow speeds. It would be nice if there were a bit more control on the trigger.

Dewalt Right Angle Drill vs. Milwaukee Right Angle Drill

The Milwaukee has a lot of different speed settings that can make it complicated to use. If you do not use the right torque setting the drill will stop. The Milwaukee right angle drill kit is a bit more expensive than the Dewalt kit.

Dewalt vs. Makita

The Makita drill only has one speed setting and a speed of 0-800 RPM compared to the top speed of 0-2000 RPMs for the Dewalt. The price of the kit is considerable less than the Dewalt kits, but that price is equated in the lower speeds and the 12V battery. The Makita is a much lighter and more compact drill than the Dewalt right angle drill. There is not as much torque with the Makita drill

Dewalt vs. Bosch

The Bosch drill is not as compact as the Dewalt. It’s front to back dimension is nearly a half of an inch longer than the Dewalt. The chuck pocket on the Bosch leaves much to be desired compared to the super deep pocket of the Dewalt.

Final Thoughts

This is a great drill for those who need a truly compact and lightweight right angle drill. It has a deep chuck pocket that allows you to use the drill in the smallest spaces. It is a super powerful drill that can make large holes in thick materials and hard materials. It is not the cheapest model on the market, but you do get your money’s worth and a great warranty.