Makita 12V Max Cordless 3/8″ AD02W Review

Having the right tool for the job makes all the difference in the world. Right angle drills make quick fastening and drilling in specific scenarios much easier than with traditional drills. The best cordless right angle drill on the market right now is the Makita AD02W.

The AD02W is a right angle drill powered by a 12 volt lithium ion battery. It features an ergonomic handle, easy to operate paddles switch, and variable speed control. Users can change out bits quickly with the key less chuck and the tool is easy on the hands with rubberized grip. It has a built in LED light featuring afterglow to illuminate your work area. The redesigned lithium ion battery has a low self-discharge feature meaning it won’t run out of batteries quickly if it’s just left sitting.

Makita manufactured this drill with an ultra-light and balanced design for easy transition from job to job. It also has a compact head for easy use in tight areas.



  • Comfortable to use
  • Substantial power (800RPM motor with variable speed)
  • Built in LED light
  • Light weight (only 2.5 pounds with the battery)
  • Noisy: the gear box is loud when in use
  • Not good for paddle bits and has less power with larger bits

Top questions on the Cordless Makita right angle drill

Q: What is the depth of the chuck?

A: It is roughly about an inch deep.

Q: Can cutting disks be used with this drill?

A: It does not spin fast enough to cut through hard materials. Bits that have disks will fit in the drill but if you are looking for something to do cutting of metals you may want to invest in something more powerful.

Q: Does the drill come with more than one battery?

A: If you order only the drill it will come with one battery. If you order the kit then it should come with two batteries. Most of the products sold are the kit and not the drill only.

My Take on the Makita AD02W

Overall this is a great right angle drill for home or professional use. Right angle drills are used for very specific applications and as long as you aren’t getting this model for cutting applications, you will be pleasantly surprised with the durability, power, and craftsmanship of this drill.

The Basics

This model of drill is about a foot long with a 3 inch head (give or take). It has a keyless chuck so all you have to do is grip the chuck and reverse the rotation to unlock the bit and throw another one in. The design is very ergonomic with the direction reversal button right where your thumb rests (for righties and lefties).

If you get the kit, it comes with the drill, two batteries, a charger, and a hard carry case branded Makita. The tool is very light weight and well balanced. Variable speed make it ideal for a wide range of drilling and fastening.


The exact weight and dimensions of the AD02W are 2.5 pounds and 14 by 4 by 14 inches. It is a cordless drill with a 110 volt battery. The motor delivers a max torque of 100 inch pounds and variable speed of up to 800 RPMs. That makes this drill suitable for most heavy duty fastening jobs. The charger meets rigorous Energy Star rating standards which means it’s incredibly energy efficient.


By design the AD02W does not need a lot of regular maintenance. After continued use, the drill should be cleaned with a damp cloth or rag. The chuck should be lubricated after several uses and the drill itself should not be stored in extreme hot or cold temperatures. Other than those light maintenance requirements, the drill is relatively carefree.


Hard case: The hard case for the Makita can be used for transport or storage. It is made of tough, impact resistant plastic and can be latched shut. It can carry the drill, charger, and extra batteries and comes equipped with a handle for easy carrying.

Charger: the charger for the Makita is a standard DC charger that can recharge one battery at a time.

Drill bits: Makita drill bits can be purchased to accompany the AD02W. The drill takes standard one eight inch bits.

Who can use this cordless right angle drill?

This drill is ideal for professionals and for home use although do-it-yourselfers may find it to be overkill if they are only doing jobs occasionally with it. For professional contractors, carpenters, HVAC techs or other professionals, the Makita brand AD02W is the perfect tool to get into hard to reach spots and for quick deployment on the job.

It is light weight and easy to carry so that makes it great for carrying with you on the job. Long battery life also makes it possible to work all day with the tool without having to switch out batteries or recharge.

What I did not like about this angle drill

Even though the weight it light on this drill, it is sort of bulky, especially with the additional handle. The head is small so that can get into tight spots but if you’re trying to fit the whole drill into a tight spot, you’re going to have an issue.

The other thing that I don’t like about it is that it cannot take any type of bit (or at least drive any type of bit). For example paddle pits I use a lot and the drill has a hard time giving enough power to drive those types of bits into wood or other material.

How does this right angle drill compare to other comparable drills?

1. Makita vs Milwaukee

The Milwaukee version of the right angle drill is a bit heavier than the Makita (weighing in at about 3 pounds). It is a bit smaller in terms of dimensions than the Makita but it does not have some of the features that are really helpful like a built in LED light or the power you get with the Makita.

2. Makita vs Dewalt

Across the board, Dewalt is sort of the unsung hero in power tools. You don’t always think of them as having high end stuff but their tools often have more appealing specs than some of the premium names. For their right angle drill, it’s more powerful, than other competitors. Like the Milwaukee it also does not have the LED which is a bummer.

3. Makita vs Ryobi

The Ryobi version is a little lower end than competitors. It still has some nice features like LED lighting, onboard magnet tray, and rubberized grip to name a few. It does not have the power that the Makita does and the overall quality is lower.

What do users say about this right angle drill?

Overall, users love the Makita (which is not surprising considering the brand loyalty). They report that the quality, durability, features, and power of the drill are all above average compared to other brands they’ve owned. They were also impressed with the longevity of the batteries and the comfort that the tool provided with prolonged use. For those looking for the 18v makita version.

Final thoughts

You cannot go wrong investing in a Makita right angle drill. For amateurs, the drill is probably overkill however you’ll never have to buy another right angle drill. For professionals, you’ll get a drill you can depend on for daily use.