Milwaukee M18 Cordless 2615-21CT Review

Milwaukee boasts a rich history of producing class-leading, highly engineered, quality drilling equipment. The Milwaukee M18 2615-21CT is the go-to solution for many professionals and DIY handymen seeking a powerful solution for drilling in ultra-tight spaces.

Its 3/8 inch electronic clutch is one of a kind and boasts 11+1 torque settings complete with an LED indicator to make fastening a breeze. The 3-3/4″ head length coupled with a dedicated electronic clutch system makes the M18 2615-21CT the most compact in the market. The item is durable, easy to use and certainly the best cordless right angle drill you can buy.



  • The item sports a compact design that’s easy to handle
  • It lightweight and cordless nature makes it very portable
  • A single sleeve ratcheting clutch
  • It’s great for working in tight spaces
  • It has a respectable 5-year warranty
  • peak torque of 125 lbs
  • It’s quite expensive – which is to be expected from a small right angle drill as this one.

Common questions about the Milwaukee cordless right angle drill

Is this product appropriate for drilling holes through a ¼ inch steel plate?
Absolutely, this right angle drill has enough power to drill through such plates.

Does this product have a warranty? How much?
The item comes with a limited 5-year warranty for new products and a 2-year warranty for reconditioned units.

What is the difference between a new unit and a factory-reconditioned item?
Reconditioned units are those that have been to the manufacturer for restoration. Once there they undergo rigorous tests and inspection to ensure they perform like a new product. New items are those that are fresh from the factory and have not been used before.

My view on this cordless right angle drill

It makes no sense to talk about the best cordless right angle drills without mentioning the Milwaukee 2615-21 CT M18. If you’re looking for a capable drilling tool that can work in tight spaces then this item is for you. Its powerful driller enables you to make light work of steel plate. The extended multi-position switch provides both comfort and convenience when working for long hours. The user manual is easy to understand meaning most people will have no trouble at all firing up and drilling with this tool.

The basics

This Right Angle driller is compatible with all M18 batteries and chargers. This feature makes it easier to shop for battery packs in case the initial one fails. It onboard fuel gauge allows the user to closely monitor the charge percentage. It’s built-in LED systems allows you to illuminate work surfaces when working in the dark and also serves as an indicator for clutch out.

An in-depth look at the 2615-1CT M18’s Right Angle Drill Features

THE M18 18V battery pack in this item makes use of the REDLITHIUM Battery technology which enables it to accomplish more work per charge and over its entire lifetime compared to other battery packs on the market. Its electronic clutch is capable of delivering a peak torque of 125 in-lbs. Its 3-3/4″ total head length gives it superb maneuverability when working in narrow spaces. The clutch system also features 11 adjustable settings and one drill mode designed to offer total control in between fastening jobs. The unit relies on REDLINK intelligence as its primary communication system between the tools, battery, and charger to provide overload protection and to guarantee optimal performance. The 3/8″ Single Sleeve ratcheting clutch is designed to provide maximum grip while allowing for quick and easy bit changes. This machine is capable of drilling at speeds of up to 1500 RPM.

Care and Maintenance

Though the 2615-21CT right Angle drill is a capable machine, it is susceptible to wear and tear especially when users do not follow the instructions contained in its user manual. When used over an extended period of time, the tips can wear out and become ineffective. Heavy duty users will most likely need to replace their tips more often than regular users. You should only use this driller with tools recommended by the manufacturer. Any damage arising from abnormal used or attempted repairs from personnel who are not authorized by Milwaukee will automatically void your product’s warranty.

Accessories and parts

In the box, you’ll find the M18 18V Cordless Right Angle Drill Kit, an M18 battery pack, a charger and carrying case. Other items used together with this unit include the insulated inch driver set, clamp meter combo, housing screws, chuck screws and the right angle flex shaft. In case of damage, you can source parts from the manufacturer or any Milwaukee authorized agent.

Who can use this cordless right angle drill?

The Milwaukee 2615-21CT Cordless right angle drill kit is widely used by professional handymen, plumbers and woodworkers to complete various forms of projects and repairs in the construction industry. Finally, if you are a hobbyist who likes to complete projects yourself, then this item will prove a handy tool in your arsenal. The setup and operation procedure included in the manual straightforward meaning beginners will have no trouble learning how to use the item.

Shortcomings of this right-hand drill kit

You really have to nitpick if you are to find any flaws in the Milwaukee M18 2615-21CT Cordless Right Angle Drill Kit. The only downside to this tool is its steep price which can deter many DIY handymen and part-time contractors. Though ideal for basic construction projects, it is safe to say that most users will find it inappropriate for use when tackling demanding construction work such as drilling on thick steel plates. For such projects, you are better off using high-end drilling machines that will definitely cost more money.

How does this drill compare to other drills in the market?

Milwaukee Vs Dewalt

Both Milwaukee and Dewalt offer solid offerings each with their fair share of advantages. The Dewalt kit packs a punch with its MAX 20 volt battery pack which makes it a tad more powerful than the Milwaukee with its 18-volt battery pack. If you need that extra power then the DeWalt will serve you right. However, the Milwaukee punches back with a 6 toolkit combo compared to 5 on the DeWalt.

Milwaukee Vs Makita

When it comes to shredding holes, the Milwaukee can do it at speeds of 1500 RPM while the Makita tops out at 1200 RPM. The clutches and speed selectors are also easier to use on the Milwaukee than on the Makita. However, the Makita responds by offering better grip and feel which makes it more comfortable to use than the Milwaukee right-hand grill.

Milwaukee vs Bosch

Both the Milwaukee and the Bosch pack 18v battery packs. However, the Milwaukee offers a 6 toolkit combo over the 4 kit combo in the Bosch. The Milwaukee’s brushless drills and impact drivers are arguably the best in the market but the Bosch is not far behind.

What do users say about this product?

Most users who had the privilege of using this right-hand drill impressed with its power and amazing battery life. It has an unbelievable torque of up to 125 in-lbs. making it ideal for woodworking. The charging system on the Milwaukee is also touted to be very good going by industry standards. Others report the chuck as being well-balanced and easy to use. a good number of users are also particularly impressed with its built quality.

Final thoughts

If you’re in the market for a right-hand drill kit that ticks all the boxes and can fit in tight spaces then look no further than the Milwaukee M18 Cordless Right Hand Drill Kit 2615-21CT. It’s a tool that will serve you for many years to come with minimal hassles. I would gladly recommend it to any technician out there.