Ryobi One+ 18 Volt Lithium Ion P241 Driver Review

The Ryobi right angle drill is not just compact and powerful but has plenty of torque and rotational speed for various professional and household applications. It comes packed full of features that offer you maximum comfort and utility. The carefully designed hex rubber over-mold on the right angle drill handle gives you a good grip and freedom of movement even while working in slippery conditions. It also has a powerful LED that will keep your work-spaces illuminated even when it’s dimly lit. This product is extremely versatile and especially handy for working under a sink, crawlspace or when you need to drill holes in awkward in environments.



  • The Ryobi right angle drill has a handy magnetic tray that holds bits and fasteners so you can have both hands free.
  • he longneck design of the Ryobi right angle drill gives you more leverage in awkward or hard to reach places. It is especially handy when it comes to plumbing and HVAC installation.
  • The LED lighting allows you to work with greater accuracy.
  • It could have a larger trigger like others in the range
  • It does not include the 180-degree swivel base
  • Many users say the switch is too far back from the drill head

Top Ryobi Right Angle Drill Questions

Q. Is this a complete drill or just the attachment head?
A. It is a complete Ryobi right angle drill

Q. Is this drill suitable for every household use?
A. Yes, in fact, it can do any job that a standard drill can do, except you have the added advantage of drilling in hard to reach places

Q. How many foot pounds of torque does it contain?
A. It contains 130 in pounds at 1100 rpm

What’s my Take on This Cordless Right Angle Drill?

When it comes to drilling holes in hard-to-reach places, that I will be right angle drill really gets the job done. If you do a lot of work for you need both your hands-free, you’ll be thankful for the magnetic tray that keeps bits and fasteners secure. The LED light is also useful when working in dimly lit spaces such as under the sink or in crawlspaces. Thanks to its longneck handle design, you have greater leverage when using it in awkward places. This design feature is especially handy when it comes to installing an HVAC system or doing various type of plumbing jobs. It also has a rubberized grip which makes it easier for you to hold onto in wet or slippery environments. This feature also makes hole boring and fastener driving more efficient and effective. Ultimately, this cordless drill is suitable for everyday household jobs as well as those awkward jobs that you will encounter now and again.


If you are focusing on the features of the Ryobi right angle drill, the first thing you’ll notice is the longneck design of the handle. This sleek design makes it easy for you to drill in various places. The next thing you’ll notice is that it has a rubberized grip ensuring that you hold on tightly even in slippery or damp conditions. This could also double as a safety feature as well. The handy LED feature is useful when it comes to working in dimly lit work-spaces. Ultimately, it also leads to improved accuracy. When it comes to versatility and efficiency, the Ryobi drill works with most 18V batteries from this range.


According to many customers, the Ryobi drill has a reasonable amount of torque. It is suitable for most jobs such as whole boring and fastener driving. However, when it comes to increasingly demanding drilling jobs, you would be better of with a higher end drill. It contains 130-inch pounds at 1100 rpm. This drill was designed to work in hard-to-reach spaces especially right-angle spaces. While it does get the job done and is extremely useful in most cases, when it comes to really tight places, the drill is somewhat lacking. The two-speed trigger is extremely handy however many agreed that it could have possibly faster Chuck speed. So ultimately, while the drill is packed full of various features and benefits, it’s really quite a standard drill and suitable for drilling small holds and nothing that demands a lot of torque.


This right angle drill is easy to use and maintain. Just ensure that you use it as instructed and it should last you for many years to come. Use it for jobs that it has been proven to do and try not to push the limits.

It does not come with batteries or a charger. These will have to be bought separately. All you get is the bare power tool.

Who is this right angle drill perfect for?

This right angle drill is suitable for anyone that needs to do household jobs. Because the torque does not pack a lot of punch, it’s not suitable for construction work or heavy-duty drilling. However, if you need to drill holes in hard-to-reach places such as under the sink or crawlspaces, then this drill will work wonders. It is especially useful when it comes to certain types of plumbing jobs and HVAC installation work. So if you just need to drill small holes around the house from time to time, then this drill will come in handy for you. If you need to use it in slippery or damp conditions, it will also work great since it has a rubberized grip.

What’s not to like?

One of the things that many users complain about is the fact that it does not have a lot of torque for an 18V drill. It is suitable for drilling small holds but nothing that is too demanding or intensive. Another aspect is that it has another small trigger and the 180° swivel base feature has been removed on this one. So it makes it awkward to use the right angle drill in certain spaces. Another thing that many uses did not like about this drill is the fact that the switch was too far from the drill head. It also does not come with batteries or a charger which means an unnecessary or extra expense.

How Does This Right Angle Drill Compare to Others?

1. The Milwaukee right angle drill has many features that the Ryobi boasts and more. It has an electronic clutch, Multi-position trigger and keyless chuck. It also boasts 150 in-lbs of torque. So it is an overall more powerful and versatile drill than Ryobi.

2. The Dewalt drill is powerful yet similar to a normal or standard drill. Dual speed ranges between 0-650/0-2000 rpm. Overall, it is a powerful drill much like the Ryobi right angle drill.

3. The Makita right angle drill has a variable speed of between 0-1,800 RPM. It allows it to accomplish a wide range of drilling applications. It also delivers 121 in.lbs. of maximum torque. So overall speaking, it is more or less as powerful as the Ryobi right angle drill.

Lots of users have found this drill to be ideal for everyday household jobs. It handles drilling small holes effortlessly and it great for those awkward places. It works wonder for drilling in crawlspaces and under sinks as well as for HVAC installation and plumbing tasks. However, if you require a drill for heavy duty work, you would be better off with a higher end drill that packs more torque.

Ultimately, the best cordless right angle drill for hard to reach places is the Ryobi. If you are looking for a drill that packs power, then you should keep your options open. The above review should supply you with enough information to decide whether it would be a good fit for you or not.