Makita XRH01T 18V LXT Cordless 1″ Rotary Hammer Drill Review

The Makita XRH01T is one of Makita’s bestselling cordless drills. It is the best rotary hammer drill and has many positive reviews online. This cordless concrete drilling solution weighs only 7.2 pounds and is 5.8 inches long. It has a compact and ergonomic design. With an 18V battery that recharges quickly, it will spend less time on the charger and more time working. This drill can use any compact Lithium-Ion battery that has a star symbol. It can also use Makita 18V LXT battery. It is easy to use this drill and it is highly efficient. It has three modes of operation.



  • 50% longer run time
  • Increased speed and power
  • 3-mode operation
  • Convenience and greater comfort
  • Longer tool life & Extended battery life
  • Fastest charge times
  • Greater versatility- it can use different batteries and attachments
  • 3-year warranty on drill, charger, and battery
  • The price of the tool does not include the price of attachments such as the HEPA Dust Extraction attachment. You will need to purchase attachments separately.
  • It is a bit expensive. It costs over $500. Other comparable rotary hammer drillscost around $400 range.

Top 3 Questions on The Makita Rotary Hammer Drill

Q: Is The Makita XRH01T a Star Protection Tool?

A: Yes, it is. Because of Star Protection technology, there is efficient power management. You will not experience things like battery overloading or over-heating.

Q:  Can I Use the Makita XRH01T for Drilling Larger Holes of Over 3/4″?

A: Yes, you can. The manual puts its limit at 15/16″ holes. However, for very big holes it will be good you opt for larger drills.

Q: Should I drill a 3/4″hole 6″ deep with an 8″ bit instead of a 12″ bit?

A: It does not matter. Both lengths are fine. The Makita XRH01T is a little beast. It is the best all-round cordless drill. It is perfect for medium duty jobs.

What is My Take on This Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill?

I view the Makita XRH01T as a compact and packed with speed and power. I consider it as one of the best from Makita. I agree with the tons of positive reviews found online. According to me, this tool has all that you need to execute perfectly most drilling tasks. The speed, BPM, and torque are quite decent. I also like the variable speed trigger, HEPA dust extraction, 3-mode operation, torque-limiting clutch, among the other features.

The Basics

The Makita XRH01T is the best rotary hammer drill. It is the world’s largest cordless drill powered by an 18V Lithium-ion battery. It has computer controls for optimizing energy use. That will result in 50% longer run time per charge. This drill will accept a number of attachments and different batteries. It makes use of the latest state of the art computer technologies for battery management resulting in better energy management. This best rotary hammer drill will also give you greater control because of adjustments and a variable speed trigger.

The Features- BPM, Speed, Torque, Adjustments

The XRH01T combines the best brushless motor technology with onboard dust extraction, without the cord. The Makita XRH01T is speed and power packed in a compact size. It weighs less than 8 pounds and it delivers 0-950 RPM, 700 BPM, and 2 joules of impact energy. The 2-finger trigger offers greater comfort and convenience.

For increased drilling depth accuracy, there is the depth adjustment guide. With this drill, you achieve greater control. The variable speed trigger will enable you to match the speed of the tool to the application. With the 3-mode operation, you will achieve greater versatility during the course of your work.

According to Makita rotary hammer drill review, the XRH01T is highly durable. That is because of a torque-limiting clutch that safeguards the gears from damage. It does so by automatically disengaging gears when there is a problem. The battery is also durable. It will last longer due to Star Protection Computer Controls.

With Star Protection communication technology, there is the exchange of data between the drill and the battery in real time. Thus, there will be constant monitoring of battery conditions safeguarding against overheating, over-discharging, and overloading.


The Makita XRH01T needs regular oiling. That is because it has many moving parts. You should regularly oil metals parts. The chuck also needs oiling. Drilling is often times a messy job. You will need to clean your drill after a job.


1. HEPA Dust Extraction Vacuum

You will buy this separately. It is compatible with the drill. This attachment will improve dust extraction.

2. Case

This is for storing the drill. it makes it easy to transport the drill. This comes with the drill.

3. Charger

4. Batteries

Who Can Use This Cordless Rotary Hammer Drill?

1. A drywall installer

Drywall installers usually carry their cordless drills. Installing a drywall will involve holding and lifting large panels in place after which one will insert drywall screws. On one hand, you can hold the panel and on the other hand, you can hold the cordless drill so that to insert the screws into the drywall.

2. Contractors

Constructing a house will involve a lot of drilling. Therefore, a contractor needs to have a cordless drill. This drill does not have a cord. Thus, it will make it easy to move in a construction site.

3. A carpenter

A carpenter’s toolbox should have a cordless rotary hammer drill. This tool will reduce the labor needed to accomplish many tasks.

4. DIY enthusiast

Many DIY projects will need a cordless drill. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you will need this tool so that to cut round holes for drains, faucets, and doorknobs among other items.

5. A plumber

6. An electrician

7. House remodelers

What I Do Not Like About This Cordless Drill

I do not like the fact that the Makita XRH01T does not come with a case. Makita recommends a particular case that you can find in Home Depot. This case will hold your SDS, batteries, and charger. With a case, you will easily transport your drill.

I also do not like the price of the Makita XRH01T. Yes, it is the best rotary hammer drill according to Makita rotary hammer drill review. However, its price is a bit on the higher side. It retails for more than $500 and that is just the tool. In some places, it is more than $600.You will have to pay extra for the attachments. There are cordless rotary hammer drills that are less than a $300.

Makita is a big brand and they usually manufacture high-quality products. That might be the reason why this drill is expensive. It is apparent that many people have bought it and it has many positive reviews. That shows that it is a tool worth having despite the cost. The benefits you will realize from the tool justify the cost.

How Makita XRH01T Compares With Other Hammer Drills

1. Makita vs. Milwaukee

Both the Makita XRH01T and the Milwaukee 2607 cordless drills have battery communication technology. For the case of Milwaukee, it is Red Link technology while Makita’s is Star Protection Battery Controls. This technology facilitates efficient power management and prevents overheating, overload, and over-discharge. Makita is more versatile than Milwaukee. It can accept a number of attachments and batteries. Both these drills have amazing speed, power, and control.

Milwaukee 2607 cordless drill is lighter than Makita XRH01T. It weighs only 3.2 pounds while Makita weighs 7.2 pounds. That means that it is easier to use than the Milwaukee drill. You will also transport it easily. When it comes to cost, the Milwaukee is also a winner. It costs less than $450 while Makita XRH01T costs more than $500.

With the Milwaukee 2607, there is LED lighting. Thus, you can use it in very dark place. The LED feature will illuminate your work and prevent shadows from forming. This feature is not available with the Makita XRH01T.

2. Makita vs. Dewalt

Makita XRH01T offers 3-mode operation. That is not the case with Dewalt DCD771C2. In addition, Makita has Star Protection Computer Controls that facilitate efficient battery management and prolongs battery life. This feature is not present in Dewalt. In terms of weight, the Dewalt cordless drill is lighter. It weighs only 3.64 pounds while Makita weighs 7.2 pounds. Therefore, the Dewalt drill is the most portable.

The Dewalt drill comes with a bag that will hold your drill, charger, and batteries. That is not the case with Makita XRH01T. You will have to purchase your own bag. You will find a good bag in Home Depot.

3. Makita vs. Bosch

Both Bosch and Makita cordless hammer drills are amazing and reliable power tool. There are both cordless, allowing for greater flexibility during work. In both cases, you get two batteries and the voltage is 18V. However, as far as recharging is concerned, Makita’s battery charges faster than Bosch’s battery. Makita XRH01T also has computer battery controls that protect the battery from overheating, over-discharge and overload. That facilitates efficient power management and makes the battery to last longer.

Bosch cordless drill is cheaper than Makita XRH01T. In most places, you will find the Bosch drill for less than $400. However, Makita hammer drill retails for more than $500 in most outlets.

What Do Users Say About This Right Angle Drill?

Most users appreciate the cordless nature of this drill. According to one user, not having to drag an extension cord makes the drill much easier to use. Users also love the fact that there are two batteries. Therefore, when you are using one battery, the other will be charging. When the battery runs low, you will simply replace it with the other battery. That will make your job to run seamlessly with minimal disruption. Most users have also commented on the battery life and charging. They appreciate the fast charging time and the long battery life. The versatile nature of this tool is something that has not escaped the attention of most users.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are drilling wood, block, brick, or cement, the Makita XRH01T is the tool for the job. It has amazing control. With variable speed trigger, you can adjust the speed of the drill with the nature of your work. With long battery life, faster charging, computer battery controls, amazing design, portability, convenience, versatility, speed, top performance, and efficiency, the Makita XRH01T is simply the best rotary hammer drill.