Milwaukee M18 18-Volt Cordless SDS Plus Rotary Hammer Drill Review

Milwaukee tools have always enjoyed a good reputation thanks to the company’s dedication to design and performance. For the rotary hammer category, they have come up with the 2605-22 M18 Cordless 7/8″ kit. It runs on 18V lithium ion batteries which are included in the package. This is a powerful machine that is capable of drilling through tough masonry with little effort. If holes need to be made on concrete walls and floors, then this is the tool for the job. It has features that put it at par with the best rotary hammer drill on the market as you’ll see below.



  • 5-year limited warranty
  • anti-vibration mechanism
  • Long battery life
  • 1,400 RPM, 4,800 BPM
  • kit could be cheaper

Top Milwaukee Rotary Hammer Drill Questions and Answers

Q: Does this kit come with a hard case?

A: Some kits come in a soft bag which is lighter but is not very protective. This one comes with a more storage-friendly hard case.

Q: Does it comes with a charger and two batteries?

A: This is the full kit which contains everything you would need to get started right away, including two 18V batteries and a charger to top them up.

Q: Is the outer shell all plastic?

A: Milwaukee has chosen to use aluminum as the main housing for this machine with plastic only being used in select spots. The choice and placement of materials inspires greater confidence in it durability even when used on a daily basis.

Our Take on this Cordless Rotary Drill:

Time is money when you are working on projects. The sooner that you can finish, the more projects you can take on and the more satisfied your clients will be. Milwaukee’s rotary hammer allows people to do this in a convenient package. For the 2605 model, they promise 40% more runtime, 2x longer life, 10% faster drilling, and 35% harder hits. The durability is just as good as one would expect from this trusted brand.

The Basics

Drilling through concrete is no easy task. A lot of lesser equipment has failed to make even a dent on the surface. Older units would vibrate uncontrollably as they tried to create a hole on a solid wall which made them difficult to handle. They would also run out of battery very quickly which made cordless options virtually unusable. All of these issues have been largely resolved. The Milwaukee 2605-22 rotary hammer drill kit ushers in a new era where this task can be completed in a snap without any worries.

The Features

Among its most notable features are the proprietary REDLITHIUM battery technology. Owners can expect to get more work done every single charge and get more charges in before ever needing any replacements compared to other options. As for the motor, this uses an 18V spinner that is capable of delivering no load speeds of 1,400 rpm and 4,800 bpm. It can provide 1.4 foot-pounds of torque which results in faster drills and harder hits. Other products in this class usually have 2 modes but this one has 3: rotary hammer, rotation only, and hammer only. An anti-vibration system keeps it stable even when dealing with tough jobs.


The maintenance routine is fairly straightforward. Users should clean it up before and after every use. Moving parts should be lubricated regularly to prevent wear and tear.


This kit already comes with two batteries and a corresponding charger. It will only take an hour to get a full charge. For solid walls, its maximum bit capacity is 7/8 of an inch.

Who can use this cordless rotary hammer drill?

This drill is great for people who would like to complete their tool set for odd jobs around the house. It is a handy companion when you need to drill through concrete walls to install anchors or create cavities. If a job makes ordinary drills fail, then pull this out to eliminate your frustrations. Being cordless, it is easy to take and use anywhere. There is no need to hunt for an outlet or deal with dangerous cords. Some professionals use this model since it does have the specs to match pricier options.

What you didn’t like about this hammer drill?

It is hard to find fault in such a fine package, especially when it has everything that would want in a drill and more. Perhaps the only knock on it would be the non-inclusion of a dust extraction mechanism that can help to reduce the dirt around a worksite. After punching holes through walls, the floor inevitably looks like a construction zone and time is wasted trying to clean things up. This accessory would save time and increase breathing comfort by guzzling most of the particles as they exit the hole. It should also be noted that there are cheaper options from other good brands that are worth looking into.

How does this rotary hammer drill compare to similar hammer drills?

1. Milwaukee vs Bosch

Bosch is a highly respected name in the industry for good reason. The legendary German precision engineering is apparent in every product they make. For this category, perhaps the closest competitor to the Milwaukee drill is the Bosch GBH 18V — 20K21. This is a 3/4 incher with SDS-plus kit, complete with the rotary hammer tool, battery, and charger. The cordless machine looks a lot like its American counterpart with the handle positioning and control layout. Impact energy and BPM ratings are similar.

2. Milwaukee vs DeWalt

The DeWalt line is easy to spot from afar thanks to their bright yellow color. Their performance is also a cut above the rest. The DCH 293X2 is a good example of the brand’s expertise. This features a brushless 20V motor and an L-shaped SDS plus rotary hammer. It is rated at 9.0 AH for impressive power when needed. Impact energy is at 3.5 joules while RPM is at 1,000 and BPM is at 4,480. It has vibration controls and an optimal drilling range for concrete of 5/8″ to 7/8″.

3. Milwaukee vs Makita

This Japanese toolmaker will not let itself fall behind its international rivals. The Makita XRH01Z is a pretty good alternative with an 18V brushless motor and SDS+ bit compatibility. This cordless tool features battery optimization technology to prolong usage in the field. The motor is highly efficient and runs cooler which prevents wear and tear. It weighs a mere 7.2 lbs even with the battery installedwhich makes it easy to carry around a worksite.

What do users say about this rotary hammer drill?

According to users, this drill makes their work much faster and easier. It is a joy to have around as you can do virtually any type of drilling that you would ever need around a house. Different types of pros also rely on it for their jobs. For instance, electricians use it to drill through walls and install their boxes. The battery lasts long enough to finish jobs without reaching for a cord. It may be light but it has plenty of power to do what it is supposed to. Its internal temperature also stays at a manageable level so you can keep going for faster completion.

Final Thoughts

A quick survey of Milwaukee cordless rotary hammer drill review postings will show just how much users love their units. It is a smart, dependable machine that is built to last. The performance exceed expectations and makes one proud of the purchase. It may not be the cheapest but it is also far from being the most expensive. It truly is a bang for the buck.